Thursday, June 14, 2012

Upset Victory

One minute into Matthew’s basketball game Tuesday night, I thought it would be a blowout. The opposing Monday team had twin towers, two good shooting guards, and a rebounding small forward. M’s team had M (one RB all night), a short Mexican boy (good, but he never got the ball, a kid who was always tying his shoes instead of playing defense, and two good twins. The twins played the fab five to a draw.

Then both teams subbed out all five players. M’s team: a dark-haired boy who’d steal the ball but miss the layup, a blonde rebounder, and a good tall kid who made some shots. The Mondays had point guard Ryan, two decent players, and a tall kid who stayed outside and bricked shots. The Mondays led the whole game, but near the end the dark haired boy finally made a shot, then pressured an inbounds pass into a turnover. The brick shooter grabbed the ball and missed again, and M’s team won 42-41. It was bad coaching by the Monday coach. Ryan’s dad was livid. Hilarious.

A co-worker worked on an order for over a week, and when it blew up yesterday I stepped in to help out. In the frenzy I was communicating with at least nine people (D, M, M, C, C, D, C, B, S) and forgot one detail. At 6:30 pm when the miracle didn’t happen, I was the bad guy. This morning my co-worker has another blow-up, as well as another we’ve been working on that he swears won’t be a problem.

I went into Kroger Tuesday night as Venters was just coming in. My friend was working, so I told him the Braves were up 4-0. Got back in the car as ARod came up to bat.

Hilarious story about that Sullivan imposter. I told you the name didn’t ring a bell, especially with such short stature. I remember someone had a terrible arm, and it must’ve been him. I wasn’t close enough to see his socks.

Trying to get everything done, since we’ll be in Destin next week.

See Lang’s article about the Dream Team? I haven’t read it yet, though I certainly will. There’s also a related video I’ve got to watch.

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