Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pizza By The Sea

Lazy vacation. Wednesday we went to the beach. Will and I tossed the baseball twice...well over a hundred throws. Later we drove toward the outlets to pick up Anna. She had eaten at Destins. Ceil cooked burritos. I started reading "The Swinger"...the about the famous, fictional golfer whose personal life implodes, like the real life golfer did.

Thursday we didn't get to the beach until after lunch (Will cooked pigs in a blanket). W. M, and I stayed in the water for a long time. Then I took M to the pool. C, A, and W stayed at the beach for a long time. The kids wanted to eat at a place we'd eaten at before: Pizza By The Sea. It was crowded, but worth the wait. One pepperoni and one peppers and onions. Then Anna had to stop by her favorite dessert stand. Matthew found a record store he had to check out.

I did see several photos and short videos of Lang's performance. 

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