Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lazy Day

Lazy day yesterday. Ceil and I went for a walk, then we sat and read in your chairs overlooking the bay. Will wrote MC, then ran to the post office to mail the letter. C washed a load of clothes, and W and A went to Target. I took a nap. Aound 3 pm we all loaded in the van. Stopped by Publix, then dropped Anna at her friend Emily's condo, not fat past Silver Snads Outlets. Then we continues on to Seagrove Beach, to our friend's condo near Eastern Lake.

W and M went to the ocean with their boys, aged 16 and 13. C and I sat and talked inside with Reid and Noelle. Reid is a composer for Turner Networks. He is working on music for the NBA on TNT. Later we grilled burgers and dogs while C and Noelle sat on the beach. The boys were watching the Finals pregame. As the sun set we went out on the beach. Will's legs were so sore from sunburn that he just sat in the chair. Matthew and young Nathan went looking for crabs, so Reid and I walked about a mile chasing after them. Saw Bobby Bowden's house. The boys caught two large blue crabs and three smaller ghost crabs. We were all exhausted when we got home.

This morning C and I went for another walk. Now she's gone to Publix.

I'm glad I don't watch ESPN all the time. Tim Kujurkian makes me mad. He spoke as if "Roger Clemens was the greatest pitcher of his generation" was a fact, failing to mention Greg Maddux's accomplishments (more wins in less years, etc). Now Kujurkian talks about Ichiro not making it to 3000 hits, without mentioning the the 1200 hits he collected in Japan. His 3700-plus career hits place him fourth all time, if not third.

If I said the Yankees were in shambles, then I was wrong. There are playing they should, with their payroll. When is the last time they won a World Series?

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