Wednesday, June 27, 2012

UGA Orientation

Will enjoyed his UGA orientation Monday and yesterday. He is talking like he will get involved in the Methodist Ministry, but we'll see. There is a family reunion golf tourney after the first week of classes, and UGA's home opener is Labor Day weekend. We'll see if he stays.

Also wondering if he'll want to come back to Passion Church on Sundays. When he checks into the dorms August 8th, he has something to do in Athens that next Sunday. After attending orientation, this morning he talked about leaving his car at home. That would be fine with me. There is a bus that runs from Athens to Atlanta several times a day that only costs three bucks. Perhaps he can use that.

Ceil and Matthew went over to Athens on Monday. Last night Anna attended the One Direction concert in the Gwinnett Arena. I had to pick her up at midnight.

At 5 am this morning I drove Will to the airport to catch a flight to Mobile. While waiting he saw a guy in a Ryerson shirt and went over and introduced himself. It was Kevin, our SE Region President…my boss's boss's boss (for a few months in 2008 he'd been my boss). Afterwards Kevin emailed me, calling Will a good Southern gentleman.

Matthew's team last their game last night. Two boys on the Monday team were hitting everything, and M's Tuesday teammate Thumper shot 1-10. Every time Thumper shot from the outside he took a big step forward…crossing the 3-point line. That made his shot too hard. If he takes a smaller step and shoots with more arch, he might make more.

Braves: nice win last night. Alyssa's family went to the game. Her mom called Monday night to ask how I attended games. I think they were going early for BP. Alyssa just recently returned home from West Point, though she had been visiting relatives in Maine. Saturday night Will and Joel met Alyssa and Kara at Starbucks.

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