Sunday, June 17, 2012

Destin: The Drive Down

The vacation is great so far. Ceil is happy...says she fells at home and doesn't want to leave. She took Will and Anna to Publix and Target and bought lots of groceries. Matthew and I went for a dip in the ocean. There was a little seaweed, so after a while we got out and sat and watched the waves and dried off. Walked back to the bat and watched some boats and jumping fish. Then we walked around, and over to the pool. Matthew swam, and I watched for the returning shoppers. Since we'd eaten out on the way down, we had lasagna and Ceasar salad while watching the US Open. After that I was pretty bushed.

Saturday we did laundry. I cleaned out the van, and packed all the beach stuff. Watched the US Open. Will did yardwork all day, from early to almost dark. After supper (chicken casserole) he and Matthew took our dog over to the Normans.

Sunday morning we didn't do too bad a job of getting packed and on the road. We left about 10:45. About 30 minutes into the trip Will realized he'd forgotten the fishing poles. Ceil forgot to eat, so we stopped on the other side of the Kia plant for her annual McDonald's cheesebuger kid's meal.

Since Anna and Matthew are more selective, we drove on to exit 9, just east of Montgomery. Matthew got a Moe's burrito, and the rest of us tried out Boardwalk Burgers. Known for thier fresh cut fries...I thought were pretty good, but not great. I like the burger better than Five Guys. Even though she'd already eaten, Ceil tried one as well.

We got back on 85, but the GPS had us get off at the next exit. We took Highway 231 south for a few miles, then 331 south through Luverne and Ott and Florala. Then some back roads turned into highway 285, which went all the way down to Valparaiso.

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