Saturday, July 14, 2012


Artists and Braves fans, sharpen your pencils! Since we live in an age of political correctness, our beloved Atlanta Braves can no longer wear the beloved Indian head patch on their uniform.
This got me thinking: at some point in the future the Braves beloved ex-owner Ted Turner will pass away. Perhaps the team will honor him with some sort of patch. One of the iconic photos of Turner came as he won sailing’s America’s Cup, when he was known as Captain Outrageous. Interestingly, this photo is quite similar to the classic Braves Indian head logo.

This is where you artists enter the picture (ok, drawing). Your assignment: Draw a cartoon Ted Turner head patch that bears a close resemblance to the Braves Indian, and post it on your Facebook page, tagging me. We can all “judge” the entries. I’ll even submit the best entry to the Braves front office, suggesting that the patch be used as a future memorial (hopefully in the DISTANT future!). For inspiration, here's another astonishingly similar picture: 
I have several talented artist friends, many of whom are Braves fans. Some are even professionals. Rob and Joe Suggs and Nancy Shippen head the list, but there are many others. I can’t wait to see the results. Are you with me?

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