Thursday, July 26, 2012

As the Braves Turn

Fans demand trades, saying to trade some pitching prospects. Then when Dempster for Delgado is floated, people come out against the deal. They want something for nothing. Think they’ll be able to re-sign Dempster or Sheets? Sounds like Dempster would like to move west, but Atlanta might be a good fit for Sheets.

Delgado does seem too easy-going. Saturday he walked Espinosa (.229 BA batting lefty) with two out, then allowed the minor-league call-up pitcher to single to right. I think Espinosa scored on a wild pitch. Delgado has done worse than Minor, though his Saturday performance wasn’t that bad. Some were even saying signing Sheets was a dumb move.

I know this is way too early to think about it, but who would the Braves replace Fredi with? Pendleton?

Instead of fussing over Matthew all last week, I was the first one from our crowd out on the beach almost every day. I broke the unwritten rule: I read books all week, instead of shooting the breeze with the guys (or more often, not saying anything),. Eventually Matthew would come out, and we’d go ride the waves for a while. Then he’d go inside again. Except for a quick lunch break, I stayed out on the beach until around 6 pm, when the guys packed up the tents and went inside. Being out on the beach so long helped keep me off the grid.

Matthew did fit in with the rest of the young people better this year. All the grandchildren went out to eat on their own, and he joining their late night scene: walking on the beach, late night putt putt, the midnight Batman premiere, and checking out the nearby rides. Most of the kids slept past 10 am (except Will), and Matthew slept past 11 am.

I went to one Pelicans game. I was out running an errand and remembered they were playing, so I swung by and caught the game. Last night a group from work went to the Gwinnett game, and two co-workers were picked for the closest to the pin contest.

On Saturday July 14 we were ready to leave for the beach, and I was worn out from the previous 24 hours: the long day at work Friday, packing the van, carrying M and A’s two huge suitcases across the PCC parking lot, driving for 7 hours, unpacking the van, sleeping in a strange bed, and packing the van and my in-law’s car. My father-in-law saw my pain and reached in his pocket for his pills. He handed me a little white pill, which I took. My back felt fine for the next two days, even after driving 3 hours and unpacking both cars.

Monday night C cooked wings and kale. I had yogurt. Tuesday was stir fry. Last Saturday C drove to Greenville to pick up a new dog. Right now we have two, until we can get the first one placed. Not a good situation.

Will is attending the 4-H state congress for the rest of the week, near Perimeter Mall. Above is a photo of Will giving his award-winning speech. Tomorrow they are going to Six Flags. Saturday is Georgia’s Junior Miss Pageant. As the reigning queen, MC is spending all this week rehearsing and attending events with this year’s contestants. Yesterday she was at the Ga Aquarium and World of Coke, where she posed with an Olympic Torch.

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