Sunday, July 15, 2012

On to the Beach

Left work Friday just after three. Drove home, then Will, Ceil, and I left in the van. Took the dog to the Normans, drive fought traffic down to PCC. The busses were just unloading. Got in the downtown connector traffic at 5:30. Wrecks and the thunderstorm made for gridlock.

Dined at an Augusta Moes. I was feeling tired and had a headache, so I ate, and drank a big Diet Mountain Dew. Felt better, and made it to Jefferson by 10:45. Thanks to the Dew, I didn't sleep well.

Saturday morning I filled up the van with gas, packed my in-laws' Jeep (and our van). Left at 11 am for the beach. Made our traditional Wendys stop, after witnessing a hit and run at a stoplight. Made it to the condo by 3 pm. Unloaded the cars. Took a nap while C and her dad went to the grocery. Watched the Braves and read my Smoltz book. PaPa Johns for supper.

Ceil and I went for a walk on the beach at 7:30 am Sunday morning. For Ceil, a walk on the beach means looking for shells. Since we were out much earlier than normal, she found lots of suitable shells. We did go further than usual. Ceil's dad always cooks bacon and eggs and grits at the beach (and chocolate milk for the grandkids). I was the first of the crowd out on the beach, and read over one hundred pages of Grisham's The Partner. Only took a short lunch break inside, where I got a Braves update. Sheets looked good.

Ceil had taken Anna and her cousins to Target for bathing suits. Will and his cousins went to MB International to pick up MC. In the afternoon I toop a dip in the ocean with Matthew...the water was quite warm. I was one of the last of our crowd to leave the beach, at almost 7 pm. Ceil's dad had made chicken salad, pimento cheese, and homemade peach ice cream, but they got Kentucky Fied Chicken for dinner.

Seaver was always one of my non-Braves favorites, and I remember how good Gibson and Ferguson Jenkins were...also Nolan Ryan, a good guy. I've come to enjoy Don Sutton on the Braves broadcasts, and Niekro is a big favorite. He can still probably pitch every day in relief.

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