Monday, July 16, 2012

MORE Braves Uni Suggestions

I write about the Braves uniforms too much. On the drive to SC I actually came up with some new ideas, so good that I vowed to write the Braves management about them.

Dear Sir:

I think the crème jerseys are a huge hit. Great job! I’m sure they’ve been a big success financially, as well. I’m all for anything that gives the Braves more money to spend on players, and the Turner Field experience.

Here are several inevitable uniform suggestions. Some will create revenue, but all can be hit with the fans and players.

Striped Stirrups / Socks: along with the crème unis, striped socks add to the traditional look. Think how good Prado and Venters would look! A simple, easy improvement.

Wear the Civil Rights Unis all weekend. Make good use of them, since they’re a one-time deal.

Throwback Fridays: Several teams (Angels, Astros, Rangers, Blue Jays, White Sox) have special once-a-week unis. Instead of the red jerseys, pick out one uni from the past to wear every Friday. One year it can be the popular “Feather” unis, they next year maybe the light blue Dale Murphy model. If the players prefer button-front jerseys instead of the pullovers, that’s fine.

New Road Unis: another way to increase jersey revenues is to tweak the road uni. Be bold: replace ATLANTA with BRAVES. Keep the tomahawk (in red or historical black) WITH the front number. And why not large RED names on the back? A darker grey would look sweet, and look more traditional.

Other suggestions: ditch the navy jerseys and tomahawk A caps. The solid road caps look great. A third cap can be the old Boston Braves block B cap.

Keep up the great work, with both the team AND the uniforms.


Sac Fly

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