Monday, July 02, 2012

Set Sail From Fiction

Saturday night I took A and M up the Land of a Thousand Hills…”Set Sail From Fiction” (Joel Norman and Matt Ellis) were playing and singing as the evening entertainment out on the patio. Becky, Willis, David, and Charles were there, and all four Hurts were there. A big crowd attended, most of whom we knew. All the grown ups sat over to the side…hopefully we didn’t chat too much.

Kyle served as the opening act, and did a great job. Connor and Russ helped set up. Joel had constructed a wooden set, and strung up lights and decorative bottles. They prepared 13 songs. Joel played guitar, keyboards, and drums. Matt sang backup, and played guitar, drums, and banjo. All the Hanson’s and Ellis’ were there. It was good to see Mickey and Lynn Taylor, who came with son Michael. Kevin and Haley came straight from the Braves game. Kyle’s parents arrived while Kyle was playing.

Ceil stayed home and watched Mary-Clayton’s pageant on line. Both Joel’s concert and the pageant started at 8 pm. Haley Hurt got it on our cell phone, and kept up posted. After an opening number and introductions, the top ten girls were selected. MC made the top ten. Then the ten performed their talent, spoke, and together did a fitness routine. After the evening gowns, the three top winners were introduced. Many thought MC should’ve been one of the top three. This morning the winner (North Carolina) is one the Today Show.

Hadn’t seen Alyssa since Christmas, and she seemed more of her chipper self. Watching MC’s fitness routine, David joked that Alyssa could take out the all 50 pageant contestants in short order.

Sunday I cleaned upstairs, and did a more thorough job than usual. Downstairs I watched more of the golf tourney than the Braves game. Did all the laundry, the dishes, and straightened up most all of the downstairs. Will’s teammate Perry came over to spend the night…he’d been playing games all weekend in the hundred degree heat. We watched the Mets/Dodgers game. At 10 pm I picked up Will over near the interstate.

I was going to go hear Beth Moore, but we weren’t sure what time our company was coming, so I stayed back. As usual, our house was a mess, and it fell on me to clean it. Plus I didn’t know what time Will would need to be picked up.

Lots of people from other churches went to the afternoon and evening services. Ceil’s friend Noelle wanted Ceil to save five seats. Ceil said that ten minutes before the service if saved seats weren’t taken, they had to be given up.

Sunday morning Perry and his parents went to FBC Atlanta. They said Charles Stanley preached in the early service, but then got sick and had to go home. At eleven they played the video of the earlier service. Another friend in town from Florida attended Buckhead Church. This morning Will was going to Perry’s 9 am game.

Friday night we ate at Willys, and shopped at the Avenue. Cleaned up a little on Saturday, and watched the Braves and some of the golf tourney.

Patterson’s Exile sounds good…I’ll have to put it on my list. Sounds similar to Joel Rosenberg’s books, which are great. I’m listening to 11-23-63 by Stephen King. Not a scary book, but lots of detail about life in the late 50’s. It has 33 hour-long CD’s, so it’s going to take time to get through it. Most of the books I listen to only have ten CD’s.

If you’re coming to watch the Peachtree, you’ll have to wait a LONG time to see me. We won’t even start until AFTER 9 am. Won’t get to SPdL until almost 9:30. Thought about selling my number, but it’s my 25th Peachtree.

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