Thursday, July 05, 2012

Independence Day

Tuesday I worked until 5 pm. Plenty to do, even with EZGo shut down. Stopped by the library on the way home and picked up my reserved John Smoltz book.

Lasagna for dinner, then I watched the Braves game. Will, Perry, Anna, and Victoria went to the game, and sat under the left field overhand, out of the rain. Great night to go, with Chipper going 5-5, with 4 RBI, a SB, and a great play at third. Also a Heyward HR, and plenty more. Afterward they ate at a wing place.

Wednesday after returning home from the Peachtree, I cleaned out my messy car. Everyone went shopping at Perimeter Mall, but I stayed home and relaxed. Started reading Smoltz. Interesting, but he isn’t my favorite. Seems like the whole book will be about him explaining and justifying his actions…he spend several pages denying ironing his shirt while wearing it. I bet 99% of people have forgotten about that.

PaPa Johns pizza for dinner, then I took Anna, Victoria, and Matthew to Will’s Park for fireworks. We arrived late, and Alpharetta was packed. No spaces anywhere. Roads were blocked, so I dropped them off as close as possible. Drove around, and parked at La Casa Italian Restaurant, perhaps a mile away. Wanted to stay in the car, but finally walked the mile over to the park.

Afterward we wanted to take Victoria to the Varsity, but it was closed (at 10:15!). Had to settle for slushies from QuikTrip.

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