Monday, November 19, 2012

Andy on CNN published an article on the Stanleys. I thought it was better/nicer than the article. Andy did too. This morning he tweeted “My thanks to John Blake/CNN for a fair & accurate presentation of our story. Family is worth fighting for!”

Left work Friday at 4:15. Drove to Cumming to pick up Will. Left there at five and met Ceil at the Roswell Square at 5:50. Will and Anna swapped cars, and I drove Anna to Peachtree Corners for a bonfire near the river…not too far from work. Then drove back home, arriving at 7:15. A three hour rush hour commute. In honor of Will’s homecoming, Ceil cooked spaghetti and meatballs. At 11:30 pm I drove back to fetch Anna. Saw two large deer in the Peachtree Corners neighborhood.

For breakfast Saturday morning Ceil cooked scones, bacon, grits, and eggs. Watching college football was more challenging this week: UGA kicked off at 1:30, and both Tech and Clemson at 3:30. The Bulldogs game was pretty much decided by the half, thanks to Aaron Murray’s touchdown pass late in the second quarter. While watching Tech on channel 298 I eventually figured out Clemson was on channel 248. After falling behind 13-0, NC State scored three straight touchdowns. Then Clemson scored four straight TD’s, and wound up winning 62-48.    

Tech looked better on defense, but it was just Duke. The Blue Devils couldn’t stop Tech’s running game, and the jackets had four touchdown drives of 74 yards or longer (plus a 43 yard drive). GT fans are boasting on blogs that Tech will beat Georgia, I’ve been wrong before, but no way GT outscores UGA. UGA’s defense will shut down Tevin Washington, and Vad Lee is too inexperienced. Gotta root for FSU to beat Florida, so the Seminoles might let up against Tech in the ACC championship game. If Florida beats FSU, the Seminoles will come out ready to whip some tail.

It is possible for the BCS national championship game to feature two teams from the SEC East, if Notre Dame and Alabama lose. This just a couple of years after two SEC West teams were in the BCS.

Sunday night we had our small group “thanksgiving dinner.” I was talking to my friend Reid, who writes and produces music at Turner. Reid has worked on the music for the NBA on TNT several times. He said today that Adam Silver is visiting, the guy replacing David Stern as the NBA commissioner. A few weeks ago NFL commissioner Roger Goodell poked his head in Reid’s office. Reid doesn’t work directly with these people, but sometimes gets introduced to the bigwigs. A few months ago Ted Turner was in town to celebrate TBS’s anniversary. Reid also told a Jane Fonda story.

Later Jeff Foxworthy came up in the conversation, and Reid mentioned that he had recently worked with Foxworthy on a movie. It turned out to be Bryan Coley’s Crackerjack, and Bryan had been there as well. Foxworthy was recording the narrator lines for the movie. Jeff would read the lines as they were written, then revise them a little to make it sound more like something he would say. Reid said this made them even funnier.

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