Monday, November 05, 2012

Sept/Oct Thrift Store Recap

I hadn’t posted a thrift store update since early August. Pretty much busted my goal of reducing these purchases, but I have done a good job of buying items to sell at a profit. Other purchases were needed, for Matthew, or were just the perfect item. Since I’m trying to run every day after work, I have fewer opportunities to rummage for treasures. That’s OK.

Sean Casey Pittsburg Pirates bobblehead doll. A nice, cheap addition to the bobblehead collection in Matthew’s room.
Argentina soccer jersey for Matthew. For some reason Matthew wanted a soccer jersey. He liked this blue & white one OK.
Arsenal long sleeve goalie jersey. On the big side for Matthew. Perhaps he’ll wear it when it gets cold.  
Red Spain soccer jersey for Matthew. His favorite one so far.
Beatles wall hanging. Matthew loves it. Hangs on the end of his bunk bed.
Harry Potter book #4 for Matthew. Anna had lent out this volume. Since Matthew is finally reading, I wanted to track one down. Found one in Sandy Springs for 50 cents.
Red UGA T-shirt for Will.
Blue button-up shirt from The Gap. On the snazzy side. Looks good with jeans at Passion, or at work on Friday.
Vintage mesh Gerald Riggs #42 Falcons jersey. Classic. Already sold it on eBay.
Mitchell & Ness Jerry Rice San Francisco 49ers jersey. It’s only in OK shape, but it still should sell quickly on eBay. Should’ve bought a Steve Young jersey, but I just wasn’t feeling it.
Royal blue New York Giants long sleeve Reebok workout shirt. A tight fit, so I’ll probably sell it on eBay.
Black Nike Dri-Fit pullover. All my other winter pullovers are heavy fleece, so I’ll love wearing this lighter one all winter.
Black Champion workout shirt. Good to have a second nice black tee.
Black Reebok Fury Insta-Pump running shoes. I’d wanted a different color pair of Furys to wear during the winter, since my neon yellow pair fits tight (and is so bright). This almost new black pair is perfect.
Black low-cut Converse all-stars. Cheap impulse buy. Great to have, though I probably won’t wear them much.
Levis jeans. A great looking/great fitting pair for 99 cents.
Cream colored golf pants. Another cheap buy. Hopefully by spring I’ll lose enough weight to wear them.
New Era Greenville Braves adjustable cap. Classic GB logo. Will be great to wear it to Braves games.
Black & white stretch Titleist golf cap. Kinda tight on me, but Will or Matthew can wear it.
Old Navy boxers (3 pair). Great buy.
The Litigators, by John Grisham. A great read.

Almost $600.00 in merchandise for seventy bucks, which I’ll make back by selling the three NFL jerseys/shirts.

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