Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Take-Out Tuesday

Tuesday was Ceil’s birthday. She voted late in the morning, on the way back from taking Matthew to a teaching session at school. No wait at the polls. While Ceil was out, Anna cleaned up the kitchen and hung a large HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner from the ceiling.

Later Ceil went over to her friend Noelle’s for a quick birthday celebration. Her other friend Nancy came. They had red velvet cake and carrot cake from Whole Foods, and both girls gave Ceil pints of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream (her favorite, on sale this past week at Publix). Ceil had gotten herself some Ben & Jerry’s a few days ago.

I left work at 4 pm and arrived at the polls forty minutes later. No wait. At six I took Anna to her art class, after getting her a kids meal at Chickfila. On the way home I had Publix write Happy Birthday Ceil on a cake. Not knowing about all the ice cream Ceil had, I grabbed two pints of Ben & Jerry’s as well. Then I met Ceil and Matthew (and dog Barney) at Zoes Kitchen. Ceil opted for takeout from Bamboo Chinese Bistro, and Matthew got Orange Chicken from the Panda Express across the street. He didn’t want to get tired eating Trader Joes frozen Orange Chicken. Besides, he reasoned, Panda Express isn’t only not frozen, but more “gourmet” as well. Back home I ate breaded chicken and other leftovers. And a little cake and ice cream.    

After watching some election returns, Ceil turned the TV over to reruns of Cosby and Raymond. I drove back to get Anna, first grabbing milk at Kroger. It was already 10 pm, and Anna had lots more schoolwork to do before going to bed. So I grabbed her something fancy at Starbucks.

David Rajecki recruited Will to play on his intramural football team. Most of the other players were seniors. Will played receiver, and scored a few touchdowns. I used to take Will to those Saturday morning Home Depot workshops.

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