Monday, November 05, 2012

Turkey Lasagna

Left work Friday and went for my usual run at the nearby soccer complex. On the way home I found a red Spain soccer jersey for Matthew. He says he likes it. Homemade pizza for supper Friday night.

Saturday morning A and M had to be down at Garden Hills Elementary at 8 am for the Passion Community Carnival. They seemed to have a good time serving and helping with the snowcones and games. Since traffic was light I decided to drive back up Roswell Road, instead of my usual Lake Forest route. As I crossed Weiuca I saw ex-coworker Darren walking his dog, so I stopped for a nice chat. He’s a good guy…I miss him. Back in East Cobb I got a much-needed haircut and had the oil changed at Mr Clean carwash. Still made it home in time for ESPN College GameDay.

Once again Tech, UGA, and Clemson played back to back, at 12:30, 3:30, and 7 pm…so I didn’t get much done. I did blow the driveway, back deck, and part of the yard.  After Clemson won I turned it over to Bama/LSU, and watched to the end. I missed how LSU outplayed Bama, but lots of people were saying Les Miles was taking too many chances.

Ceil had been craving lasagna, so Saturday she fixed a batch. Made a smaller lasagna for Matthew in a meatloaf pan, without cottage cheese. She used ground turkey, which usually tastes ok. For some reason this batch didn’t taste as good. So I have a bunch of lasagna to eat for lunch this week.

Sunday I cleaned upstairs, then got all the winter clothes out of the attic. I’ve got the backseat of my car full of old Living Science T shirts to recycle. I’ll also have lots of Matthew’s old clothes to dispose of. Also did several loads of laundry. Ceil fixed breaded chicken, broccoli, and a sweet potato & rice dish for dinner. Sunday night Ceil sat and watched ESPN as the top ten BCS team were announced. After the show went off at 8 pm she turned it over to ESPNU to watch the continuation of the show.

I’m hoping the lines at the polls Tuesday will be shorter than all the early voting lines were.

Late Friday morning Ceil flies out to Dulles for a long weekend in northern Virginia with her friend Dawn. Returns Monday, so I too will have a four day weekend.
All summer my co-worker, a lifetime Falcons fan, said the 49ers were going to be his team this year. I told him he was jumping off the bandwagon the very year the Falcons were going to go all the way. Last night I stayed up for the end of the Falcons game. It was the most I’d watched of them all year. I’ve watched much more of the Giants games this year than the Falcons. Also the Redskins. Hated that the Skins lost to the Panthers. Nice that the Falcons get the Saints after NO plays on Monday night.

I never get enough to eat at Steak & Shake. The menus look so good, but then the food is usually disappointing.

I kinda like the Yankees, Giants, and Red Sox, except when someone like Valentine is the manager. Loved Torre, and Giraldi is ok.

Will is buddies with football player Tra Battle in biology class.

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