Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hoops: GT vs Presbyterian

Had fun at the Tech / Presbyterian game Wednesday night. Reid and I rode with the Perry’s and their old lady friend. They were all a hoot. Mrs. Perry looked great, perhaps because she dressed in all black, like me. Their friend is a basketball nut, weaned on the game as a child in North Carolina. She has one season ticket for men’s basketball, and two for the women’s games.

This was the second men’s game in the new McCamish Pavilion. Reid said the bugs were still being worked out. The lighting had been adjusted since opening night. The courtside student seats were full, but the student section behind the north basket was only half full. Paul Johnson made a late entrance, making his way to a courtside seat. Later when the Jumbotron camera focused on him, he uncharacteristically smiled. A group of football players also arrived late, and settled into the section next to Reid and me. The only one I recognized was quarterback Vad Lee. While many went crazy during the inevitable Budweiser song, Lee remained seated, barely moving to the beat.

Tech came out sluggish, and trailed Presbyterian at the half. They shot under 40% from the field, and less than 20% from three point range. In the second half the Blue Hose clumsily turned the ball over several times, and Tech opened up a lead. The Jackets also started to move the ball inside. Late in the game Presbyterian had the chance to cut the lead to five, but missed. Tech finally broke the 50 point barrier with less than one minute remaining in the game. Last Saturday the football team scored more points.

Reid wondered if the Jackets weren’t in for a long season. Joe admitted they had played better against Tulane, but said Tech would’ve lost to Tulane had the Jackets played like they did against Presbyterian. In a few weeks Tech will add a transfer from Kentucky to the rotation. Coach Brian Gregory about ten players considerable playing time. Tech will probably improve on last year, but still are a year or two away from competing for the ACC Championship.

Tech’s new uniforms look great. Simple and traditional, with the plain gold TECH and block numbers thinly outlined in drop-shadow black. I was also impressed by Presbyterian’s simple navy BLUE HOSE unis, with the Air Jordan logo. Unlike Tech’s mismatched Nike footwear, Presbyterian rocked matching Nikes.    

Supposedly Julie Perry lives in Birmingham, working for various political candidates.

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