Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Bulldog Bowl Bust

The wonderful college bowl system seems all set to drop once-beaten #5 Georgia into your run-of-the-mill New Year’s Day bowl game. The only way the Dawgs can advance to an elite BCS Bowl is to beat number one Alabama in the SEC Championship Game. Even then it is highly unlikely the Dawgs can earn a spot in the National Championship Game.

Even if Oregon, Kansas State, and Notre Dame win out, should #5 Georgia lose to Alabama in the SEC Championship game they will have two losses. They could fall behind South Carolina, Florida, and maybe even two-loss LSU in the standings. Since the BCS only takes two teams from one conference, UGA would be shut out. As usual, they’d go to one of those New Years Day bowls in Florida, like the Capital One or Outback.

Clemson loves to come to the Chickfila Bowl every few years. They will lose to South Carolina, and be bumped lower in the polls. I suppose FSU will win the ACC and go to the Orange Bowl.

Every year I am embarrassed by how poorly GT plays in their nationally televised bowl game, usually against a supposedly inferior team like Utah or Air Force. Tech brags about their long streak of going bowling, though they’ve lost the past seven bowls. Exotic bowl destinations like Shreveport, Boise, and San Francisco. I’ve said it before, but I’ll be happy if Tech stays home this year.

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