Saturday, November 10, 2012

Logan Thomas Disappoints Again

Exciting game Thursday night between FSU and VT. I was rooting for FSU, since I had written that they would win the ACC. Also because I'd written about the VT QB Logan Thomas not playing well in big games. He did OK last night, though he made several bad throws. For most of the game he had completed less than 50% of his passes. Most of the plays they call for him are "easy" pass routes: drop three steps and fire. Sure, he can rumble and is hard to tackle, but he's far from being a good QUARTERBACK or PASSER. His last pass was intercepted.

Not much happened Thursday night. Young Jimmy Ewing called. He occasionally calls Ceil, since C and Jenny were good friends. Ricky Richardson will call her from time to time as well, but he hasn't called for a while. Margaret Ewing is expecting her second child, this time a boy. Her daughter's photo is featured on the box of a baby product sold in stores.

Friday morning I took C to the airport for her flight to Dulles. Co-worker has been out sick all week. I was going to take off Friday and Monday, but was needed to fill in. MONDAY: Like today, I'll probably arrive to work late and leave early. Hopefully the coworker will be back.

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