Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bullpen Struggles

Watched Kimbrel "blow" the game Thursday night for Team USA. It was big of him to come out for the interview after the loss. Great strike call by Angel Hernandez just before Aybar's big hit, on a pitch a foot outside. The call seemed to just fire up Aybar. Watching Torre in the postgame interview session made me think how funny it would be if Team USA were to lose a crucial game on a botched infield fly rule call.

Wednesday night I watched Venters walk four straight batters. Perhaps he was just working on a certain pitch. Makes that Capitol Ave Club post about overvalued relieve pitchers all the more poignant. Walks and strikeouts: I hate'em both. Speaking of strikeouts, my man Uggla continues to flail. I shouldn't get too worried about what happens in spring training.

Saw highlights of Andruw striking out against Japan…his future league. Considering his struggles against everything but fastballs, it doesn't seem like a good idea for him to join a league where most of the pitchers specialize in everything except fastballs.

Thursday night I took M up to Woodstock to look at an electric guitar. Turned out to be too small. Saw a nice one on Craig's List, but it probably is already sold. After feeding him at Taco Bell we picked up W at Living Science. He and Kevin had just returned from their trip to High Point NC. Several LS graduates had met up at the property during their spring break…
…Holt is still playing baseball with the Gwinnett Barons.
…Sarah has gotten quite active at the College of Charleston. Learned that she is a big Bieber stalker.
…Alyssa was home from West Point.
…Kevin has found our new Braves blog. He mentioned that we need to add on the comments feature. Since we hadn't posted anything in a while, last night I posted a couple of few old items, including a response about the makeup of the bench. Doesn't seem like too much has changed since then.

Wednesday night A and C went looking for prom dresses. They found a nice one at Macys for a good price, and it was on sale. A crazy busy week at work.

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