Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lavonia GA

Lavonia is one of those small Georgia towns with a quaint downtown, and several old buildings and brick warehouses. Café 211 is run by several Mennonite ladies wearing plain dresses.  The younger women serve as waitresses: ours was very outgoing and pleasant. She recognized one of my lunch partners and had a quick conversation. The entrees were similar to that of a mid-to-upscale Atlanta lunch spot…mostly salads and sandwiches. I got a southwest chipotle grilled chicken salad. The Ogre’s boss, Sue, ordered the quiche. Lots of cakes and pies for dessert. On the way back to Norcross we stopped by the Mayfield Dairy in Braselton for ice cream.

Friday night Ceil cooked boneless bbq chicken. I was still full from my trip. Saturday and Sunday morning for breakfast Ceil cooked bacon and eggs, with toast made from homemade bread. Matthew and I ran some errands: library, Goodwill, and McDonalds. He found several good CD’s for his collection, including the Beatles, the Beach Boys, and Fleetwood Mac Rumors. Later in the afternoon Matthew had a guitar lesson. I washed my car and cleaned the interior, and ran up to the bank. Later we went to eat at Willys.

Sunday I read my book and did laundry. Watched the Doral golf tournament all afternoon: all 18 holes that Tiger played, plus more before he started. Will arrived home from his weekend chaperoning the 4-H congress at Rock Eagle. Exhausted, he took a three hour nap. Paid bills and caught up on paperwork, and watched Duck Dynasty. Had to run back to the bank and Publix, then left my car at the shop.     

Monday Ceil bought some shrubs at Lowes, and Will and Matthew got most planted before it started raining. Tuesday Will rode up to High Point in NC with Kevin, to visit Kevin’s sister in college.

Several other sports websites were buzzing about the top 64 NFL QBs, copying what Cowherd had started. Looked up the HOF QB’s…besides several from the 1930’s that no one has heard of, I had only forgotten Otto Graham and Warren Moon. Also Dutch Clark and Bobby Layne. Left my notes at home, so maybe I’ll work on it more tonight.

I really don’t use that many apps on my phone. Seems like tablets are more convenient than laptops, to use while sitting in front of the TV. The book reader app is nice, giving one less to carry around. eBay app: I use eBay more by clicking on the app. Seems faster than going through the internet. Twitter. Other apps: Bible. Alarm. Email. Camera. Video. Weather. Newspapers: AJC, USA Today, etc. Golf games. GoodReads, to track the books you’ve read, and want to read.


Christiana Brock said...

Hey Mr. Murphy!
so this is totally random, but I told Will while he was here that if ya'll hear of anyone who is selling their Good Friday tickets for PCC, let me know! A couple of my roommates and I were planning to go, but were not expecting it to sell out so quickly... and of course we don't have tickets yet :[... but if you hear of anyone with extra tickets, let me know/send them my way!


David said...

I'll be on the lookout. I don't think we have tickets, because we have to be somewhere else. Good to hear from you!