Monday, March 25, 2013

Wakefield, Rice, & Phillip Phillips

Last week work was all consuming. Every night when I went home I was worn out. Friday afternoon I worked until 5:20. Ceil was doing some of her work Friday afternoon, then she went grocery shopping. I read my Tim Wakefield book, “The Knuckler” which prompted me to compare the career stats of Hall of Famer Jim Rice to Dale Murphy. Rice’s numbers were only slightly better, though Murphy hit more home runs and Gold Gloves, and won two MVP’s to Rice’s one.

Saturday morning I wound up sleeping until 10:30…mostly because of the draining week, but not all. Did some laundry and folded some clothes, then Ceil encouraged me to take Matthew out on an adventure. He found three CD’s to add to his collection, and I found a nice Nike backpack to replace my tattered Reebok sack. I got him some Taco Bell, and stopped by Kroger. Later Ceil took Anna shopping, ran an extra errand, walked the dog, then finished cooking for our small group pot luck. The guys watched most of the Gonzaga loss to Wichita State. Watched more of the Braves and Doral golf tournament than the NCAA tourney.

After attending the UGA Baptist group’s formal, Will spent the weekend  in Cartersville. Sunday morning Will stopped by for a couple of hours, then headed back to Athens. I caught up on paperwork and bill paying, then cleaned the kitchen and downstairs. Ceil took Matthew to Passion, and I drove Anna and her friends to the Phillip Phillips concert at Kennesaw State. I came back home and ate pizza, then drove back and read my book and listened to the concert while waiting.

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