Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Big Miss

The Big Miss, Hank Haney's book about his years coaching Tiger Woods, is pretty good…if you like golf. Lots of technical stuff about what Hank was trying to get Woods to do, in terms of his swing. You learn as much about the soft-spoken Haney in the book as you do Tiger. Haney touches on some of the most controversial aspects of Woods, but generally does so without judgment or pointing fingers. In some instances Hank took the blame for coaching errors he made.

Haney says Tiger could've won more if he had practiced putting and chipping more. He was sure Tiger injured himself training like a Navy SEAL, bulking up his upper body, and running in combat boots, though Woods claimed all his injuries were golf-related. Hank was not aware of Woods' extramarital affairs, but said over the years Tiger had become increasingly distracted by his cell phone during practice sessions. Afterward Haney tried to remain supportive and encouraging, though Tiger had rarely been more than businesslike toward Haney.

I was the one running around Tuesday. Stopped by the auto shop on the way home from work. Drove M to his group meeting. While I was waiting for him I bought him an Italian soccer jersey, and wrecked my diet at Taco Bell. Read my Hank Haney Book. On the way home we stopped by Goodwill and Taco Bell. Back home I read more of my Haney book, and took C up to Roswell to pick up the van.

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