Friday, March 01, 2013

Jan / Feb Thrift Store Recap

Joe Torre autobiography. Great read.
Brooks Brothers dress shirt. Hard to pass up this great deal.
Flannel Shirt. So I can fit in at Passion Church.
Black pants. Brand new, with tags. A little big, but another great deal.
Black wool dress slacks from the Gap. Very nice, perfect fit.
Bobby Jones plaid golf pants. A great addition to my growing collection of comfortable yet flashy golf wardrobe.
North Face short sleeve shirt. Great looking blue plaid. Perfect for the summer.
Black New Balance warm-up pants. I’m a sucker for these, but now six nice pairs are probably enough. I do want a pair of royal blue adidas warm-ups, though.
Cotton Nike warm-up pants (also black). New, with tags. Warmer than the other polyester warm-ups.
Blue grey Nike running shorts. Good looking, replaces the pair Will got paint on. To wear in the Peachtree.
Grey hiking shorts. What seems to be the latest style. Will likes them.
Black Izod golf shorts. Pleated, but they’re my favorite color.
New Balance tennis shoes. Good looking, particularly with shorts in the summer, or my navy warm-ups pants. Broke my cardinal rule: no white shoes. But these have LOTS of navy trim.
Two ten pound weights. I needed them, and these are in perfect condition. Saved me a trip to Play It Again Sports.

Matthew has officially discovered thrift stores, so on several Saturdays he’s gone with me to run errands and go thrifting. Consequently, I’ve bought more than usual for me. Matthew’s finds:

Black Beatles T-shirt. I got this one for him, and he loved it.
Camo jacket. M picked it out, and it worked perfectly on his winter youth retreat.
Switchfoot combo CD/DVD. M had never seen this particular product, either on-line or in a store. His prized possession.
Six other CD’s, including two Jonas Brothers CD’s. Additions to the growing collection he keeps in his room.
Two VHS movies. The Lord of the Rings, or the Hobbit.
Four car magazines.

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