Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Top 30 NCAA Football Uniforms

Last week I got bored while taking notes. I know I’ve done this before, but here’s an updated 2012 list of college football's best all-around uniforms. These days football uniforms are much uglier, especially the tight jerseys with no sleeves.

1. Alabama. Traditional & simple.
2. Texas. Traditional & simple.
3. Notre Dame. Traditional. Grey masks.
4. Michigan. Traditional. Nice grey masks.
5. Ohio State. Traditional.
6. Clemson. Need better numbers.
7. Southern Cal. Points off for red shoes.
8. Oklahoma. Traditional & simple.
9. Texas A&M. Simple & unique.
10. Tennessee. Traditional.
11. Iowa State. Same stripes on helmet, jersey, & pants.
12. Nebraska. Lose the red facemask.
13. Auburn. Traditional.
14. Georgia. Need better numbers, less clutter.
15. Virginia Tech. Many combos, most look good.
16. Stanford. Simple.
17. SMU. Pony Express.
18. UCLA. Need better numbers.
19. Kansas State. Simple & unique.
20. Oregon. Except the yellow shoes.
21. Syracuse. Grey masks.
22. Georgia Southern. Simple.
23. Duke. Simple, but too much black.
24. Miami. Nice colors. Getting uglier.
25. Ole Miss. Somewhat traditional.
26. Iowa. Traditional.
27. North Carolina. Nice colors. Getting uglier.
28. Missouri. Interesting color combos.
29. West Virginia. Not too bad.
30. Penn State. Need grey masks.

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