Tuesday, March 05, 2013

New Braves Blog

In an effort to broaden my horizons, I’ve joined three friends as co-writer of a new blog about the Braves. Named “Subject: Re: Braves”, it’s the swapping of emails between us on the day-to-day ups and downs of the Braves season. I so enjoyed “Faithful”, the diary of the Red Sox 2004 season, kept by authors Stephen King and Stuart O’Nan, that I thought we should try it ourselves.

For years my friend Rob and I have swapped Braves-related emails. Rob attends most every Friday night home Braves game, and is quite knowledgeable about what’s going on down on Hank Aaron Drive. Lang is a huge fan, who keeps up with the Braves from afar. He wrote the book “In the Time of Bobby Cox”. John was also anxious to start a Braves-related blog. He attends most weekday games, driving up from Macon with longtime friend Marshall in time to shag batting practice home runs. I knew John and Marshall in college. John officiated Don Lott’s wedding.

My hope is that we each can share our personal Turner Field experiences and adventures, in addition to our thoughts about the team. To me, this is what made Faithful a great book. We’ll see how this new adventure goes. It’s similar to throwing four guys into an apartment, who are used to doing things their own way. John and Lang are professional writers, and Rob has the statistical and analytical end covered. Keeping up with these guys will be a challenge. Perhaps I can add humor, and analyze the uniforms.

The name is reminiscent of an email subject line, which would be commonly used when swapping emails about the Braves. For other names we considered, check our first blog post at http://subjectrebraves.tumblr.com

I considered asking young Kevin and recent UGA grad Isaac to join us, but figured four would be plenty. Both are devoted baseball fans that I hope will at least add comments to our blog.

This may lessen the amount of material posted here on Sac Fly, at least as far as Braves news is concerned. Please check out our new venture, and tell us what you think.

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