Friday, February 21, 2014

Braves: Good Times

Good to be a Braves fan these past few weeks. Interesting how the dominos fell. The fact that they were willing to lock up as many players as possible shows that most fans have no idea what's going on in the front office. Sounds like the Braves were negotiating with Heyward in the past, but like Francoeur, Heyward and his advisors seemed to want to hit the free agent market. Jason needs to be reminded that as a Yankee he will have to shave his beard. DOB clearly laid out why Freeman was signed and Heyward wasn't. Fans who don't read such details are the very ones who will complain.

Both Freeman and Kimbrel made comments about the front office being committed to winning. All the signings have quelled some discontent amongst the fans. Sometimes when someone makes a dumb comment to DOB on Twitter I will check out the person. Most are young, sometimes having only tweeted a few times. Couldn't believe that social media expert yesterday that made that comment yesterday that everyone went off on. DOB shouldn't even bother with fans who can't spell the players' names right.

One fan did make an accurate statement: we can only hope BJ will stick with his simplier swing when he hits a rough stretch. Same with Uggla, who was "messed up" last year. Like you said, if those two hit .220-.230 it will be a tremendous improvement over past year. Liked your bold statement that caught the Macon writer off guard – that BJ's play might make him a bargain. Uggla was smart to be the first one in camp, though so many fans have written him off. BJ did well to not be one of the last players in camp.

I'm ok with Simmons not reporting extra early, since he gets so beat up over the course of the season.

What do you think of the Braves locking up Teheran? Sounds like a good idea. The new guys from the Indians would always try and lock up his young players.

Just saw the Braves 2014 bobblehead schedule: Aaron, Andrelton, Maddux, Glavine, Cox, and a TBD. I also have to see the Mariners in June – the only MLB team I haven't seen. Missed them a few years ago.

Made a nice profit on this sweet Cardinals jersey last week. Had Stan Musial's number 6 on the back. Not official, but a good-looking Cooperstown Collection replica.

Stayed home all day last Wednesday and Thursday, except for a Kroger run late yesterday. Thursday afternoon Will drove from Athens to Cartersville – MC is home this weekend. Next week the kids have a winter break and will go to SC.  

The Honeymooners were ok. I always really liked the Carol Burnett Show. Was reading something on the Internet about people who were good looking when they were younger - Betty White and others. For Steve Martin they noted that back in the late 70s he was a famous comedian. I guess young people don't know that.

Saturday morning I went to put on my black New Balance 992 running shoes, but only one of the was in its normal place. Then I realized that all day Thursday I wore one navy NB 993 and one black NB 992.

Learned through FB that Anna's old friend Molly, who was dancing in the Atlanta Ballet, seems to have dropped dance cold turkey. Not sure what the reason was. Her older half-brother just landed a job as Kennesaw's assistant director of admissions, after similar jobs at Samford and Georgia State. He was a valuable resource when Will was applying to colleges.

Missed the Saturday night competition between Ernie, Shaq, Kenny, Chris, etc.

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