Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Debate: Creation vs Evolution

Tonight at 7 pm Bill “the Science Guy” Nye debates Ken Ham, the CEO of the Creation Museum just outside Cincinnati. The debate will be broadcast on the internet at http://debatelive.orgThe actual debate topic is whether creation is a viable alternative for teaching in schools. In the past few years Nye proclaimed that parents teaching their kids about creation were doing their kids a disservice.

So many people over the years have grown up being indoctrinated by the theory of evolution accepting what is taught without thinking critically whether evolution is actually true, or even how it differs from God’s Word. Because of this polls taken over the years have shown a gradual decline in Americans professing belief in the creation story. Even some Christian organizations accept some tenants of evolution to the point of dismissing parts of Scripture.  

Ham’s museum and Answers In Genesis organization (www.answersingenesis.org) provides a wealth of scientific information that substantiates the creation story. Other information describes in specific detail why/how certain evolutionist theory is off-base scientifically – films, papers, books, etc. AIG also has extensive information debunking global warming, extreme climate change, and rising ocean levels.  

My hope is the debate will open people’s eyes to the many flaws in the theory of evolution and how science actually backs up the story of creation. People consider evolution to be fact when actually scientists chasing grant money take incredible leaps of supposition in their theories. Their results are lauded as fact, though the details show mere theories. One small bone fragment is extrapolated into an entire missing link. Historical science is mistaken for observational science.

My fear is that Nye will clog the debate with untruths and wild goose chases. Ham will want to answer and gently discuss each issue Nye brings up, instead of making his own points. After the debate (around 9:30 or 9:45) CNN will broadcast a recap live from the Creation Museum, where the debate is being held. At ten Nye appears on Piers Morgan - without Ham.

Evolutionists and athiests will view the debate with minds already made up. So often these people respond to creationist claims not with facts and intelligent debate but instead with personal attacks and hatred. My prayer is that God will open eyes, minds, and hearts to His truth.

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