Saturday, February 15, 2014

Snow Days

One of the things I do here at work is fix other people’s mistakes. Some of the mistakes run up to several millions of dollars. While I was working Wednesday I noticed that my order was messed up – a $2.2 million mistake. I tried to fix it but couldn’t. Spent an hour on Friday straightening it out.

Wednesday I figured I would be cold unless I bundled up. Needed to wash my long hair anyway. Put on jeans and a new sweatshirt and warm shoes. Thursday I thought I had to go in to work at noon, so I showered and dressed in warm work clothes. Then just after I got dressed, around 11 am, I found out we didn’t have to go into work after all. Eventually I changed pants and shoes. Later Ceil needed stuff from the grocery, so I finally went out around 5:30. Also mailed some ebay packages. Also took back a redbox movie the kids had rented before the storm. Bought a few Valentines goodies. Thursday afternoon Will drove from Athens to Cartersville. His girlfriend came home for the weekend.

On the way home today I need to stop by the post office, the library, a store having a 50% off sale, and get a haircut.

Saw where Tech won on a buzzer beater – the game I miss. Forecast is supposed to be warm for the Tuesday tech/Duke game. Kids have winter break next week and are going to SC at some point.

Saw Lang’s photo of him with Elena Della Donne. Maybe this year I can go see her play.

Years ago I bought a kids Michael Jordan Bulls jersey at a thrift store. In decent shape. A reservible jersey – white with red numbers on one side and red with white number on the other side. Posted on ebay Wednesday night and it sold an hour later – for a much higher price than I expected.

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