Saturday, March 15, 2014

Another Adventure

Had another adventure Wednesday night. C and A went to art, and M was upstairs asleep. I walked out the office door at five, but had to go back inside for something. Mailed 2 packages at the post office – one to Canada. Left the PO at 5:45. Bought something at Dollar Tree and browsed the store next to it. Picked up a chicken sandwich from Wendys. Got home at 6:45. Matthew was downstairs ready to go thrifting.

Knowing the Jeep needed gas, so we loaded up in it. Then I decided to take my car and get gas later. At stop one M found a CD and flannel shirt. I bought a nice Cleveland Indians pullover to sell. Passed on a Columbia shirt, Nike pants, Puma shoes, and baseball cards. Stop Two I bought a new Gwinnett Braves cap for two bucks. Might sell it for ten. Third stop I bought a Gap dress shirt for 50 cents. Picked up M some Zaxbys, then got back home before nine. I had lots of stuff to unload from my car, and made two trips.

Thursday morning I took the dumpster to the street then drove to work. Pulled into the parking lot and noticed the Jeep keys were still in my car. Had to drive all the way back home. Stopped by McDonalds on the way back to work.

Monday night Will had box seats at the Washington Capitals / Pittsburgh Penguins game in downtown DC. One of the three guys he’s traveling with on spring break had a dad with corporate tickets. After hanging around Washington they are headed to Philadelphia. Tuesday I worked until six. Ceil cooked burgers.

A few weeks ago I sold a kids Jordan jersey for $25.00. Sunday I posted another kids Jordan jersey, but in worse shape. Last night someone bought it for $30.00. I’ve gotta find more of them to sell. Posted a Charles Barkley Suns jersey that’s already got three bids. Also posted two Grant Hill jerseys and my nice Utah Jazz Andrei Kerilenko jersey.

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