Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Hanging out with Switchfoot

MARCH 2: Sunday I drove M down to Passion. Anna got the Jeep cleaned and went to the evening Grace service. I ironed four shirts and did several loads of laundry while watching the red carpet show. Ran to Kroger for grits, then drove down to Buckhead to pick up Matthew. He had gone to the Switchfoot concert at the Roxy. I parked behind the theater next to the band’s bus. The concert didn’t get over until 10:30. After M came out we waited around to talk to the band, with about 55 others (I counted!). As usual, they all came out one by one and went out of their way to speak to everyone there. I got pictures of M with all five band members. Didn’t get home until 12:30.

MARCH 1: Saturday morning I cleaned upstairs, then drove to Alpharetta/Milton/Birmingham to pick up M’s girlfriend. They went to see Walter Mitty. I watched a documentary of killer whales in captivity. Ceil picked up a free rotisserie chicken at Costco for dinner.

FEB 28: I actually ate light this weekend, except Ceil cooked homemade pizza Friday night. I even exercised both Saturday and Sunday. Sore today. Supposed to have a softball game tonight, if it isn’t cancelled. Worked until 6 pm Friday afternoon then made a couple of stops on the way home. Bought a pair of slacks and a Matt Ryan jersey.

FEB 27: Worked all morning on the customer’s emergency. Was going to have to motor freight tube from Illinios or Pennslyvania for overnight delivery. Tried 3 possible fabricators, but no one could cut it. Someone recommended a shop in Chamblee, but no one answered the phone or called me back. Finally I hopped in the car and drove down PIB inside the perimeter. It was lunchtime, but the place looked vacant. Called the customer to say I’d run out of ideas, but they had found another source. Stopped at Wendys on the way back.  

FEB 26: C and A were going to art class after a busy afternoon. I left work at 6:45 and picked up Burger King. Told M to cook a frozen pizza. Got home to find C had cooked chicken and rice. Also ravioli. So worn out when I got home that I didn’t do much – just read on the internet. M was watching Duck Dynasty, Modern Family, and Psych. Crazy busy at work. Got in over 55 hours last week.

FEB 23: Picked up PaPa Johns because I didn’t know C had cooked beans and rice.

UNC players say they like wearing the old Jordan-era unis so much that they would push the coach to wear them again.

These days few people space twice after a period – like we were taught years ago. When I first started typing in Word and emails the computer would reduce my two spaces to one. I finally quit trying to make it two spaces.

Some companies have a Facebook presence and make posts but don’t seem to monitor whats going on. AJC and 11Alive – people blast them and I rarely see a response. I remember seeing that you had posted being at CF the evening you went.

With Venters, Minor, and others getting late starts they won’t wear down as much over the course of the season – and other pitchers will get the opportunity to perform.

Got a new boss at work, someone I hadn’t met. They’re splitting my old boss’s job in half.

Will is going to DC & Philly on spring break in March. Wants to drive my car.

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