Friday, March 07, 2014

Freaky Friday

Crazy start to this morning. Was ahead of schedule, then got a call from work. I had forgotten to do something yesterday. Tried to log onto the laptop from home, but the keyboard wasn’t working right. On the way to work I stopped at one post office, but the machine wasn’t taking credit cards. Second post office worked, but traffic was worse around that one. Made it to work by 7:30 and forgot to give boss my correct hours from yesterday, since my work internet isn’t working well this week. Coworker helped me fix laptop, but then the battery gave out. Then the wireless keyboard battery gave out. Had to go downstairs to get more batteries. I was able to stock up on pens, markers, and a new wireless mouse. Still took a while to get everything running. 9 am and I hadn’t done too much yet.

Then it got worse. Inventory issues. Vendors slow to respond. A payment is made from the wrong bank, overdrawing the account. At lunch (at 1 pm) I have to run out to the bank.

I’m scared to watch Titanic because it is so long. I’ve only seen parts of it – never the whole thing. If I watched it I would probably like it. I like Leonardo Dicaprio. A love story that happens during a famous event – just my kind of movie. I’m talking myself into watching it. Ceil, Anna, Matthew, and Will all like the show “Sherlock.” It takes me a while to try new TV shows, unless I read about them somewhere first. But there are other movies I’ve watched 20 times, like You’ve Got Mail.

Tech needs to play in as many games as possible. Hadn’t heard about Coach K, but I did hear about a player helping an opponent helping a player off the court. Didn’t realize it was Duke/Wake. 

Left work Thursday at five. Last night Ceil watched American Idol and her Thursday night Runway show. Anna was downtown at her Grace House Church last night. Had to drive her friend back to her car in the rain, and didn’t get home until 11:30 or so. Spaghetti and meatballs for dinner, with salad.

Got my San Diego Chicken bobblehead in the mail. Very pleased – its almost larger than life. Sold three items. December and January were great Ebay months, but thing tailed off in February. Found a few more things to sell. Perhaps I can hit it hard this weekend.

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