Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spring Break

Will’s spring break, riding with 3 other guys in a Buick sedan...
Sat: drove to Virginia, camped on the Appalachian Trail.
Sun: Toured University of Virginia and Monticello. Stayed in a nice hotel owned by a relative of one of Will’s friends.
Mon: Hockey game: Pittsburgh Penguins at Washington Capitals. Stayed in Georgetown with an acquaintance.
Tues (& Mon): toured Capitol, Jefferson Memorial, Washington Monument, MLK Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Smithsonian, etc.  Ate in Chinatown.
Wed: Philadelphia. Toured Freedom Hall, etc. Stayed with the parents of one of the guys.
Thurs: spent night in Fredericksburg VA at our friends the Broadwells.
Fri: return to Athens, drove to East Cobb, visited with MC’s family at Marietta Diner.
Sat: Cartersville
Sun: Passion Church, Shakespeare Tavern, back to Athens

Will and his friends had looked into riding the Megabus on their spring break trip, so I looked into it for fun. The super cheap fares are very rare, and weekday fares are cheaper than weekend fares, even buying in advance. It would be an adventure, but I doubt I’ll be taking a bus trip any time soon. I enjoy driving so much anyway. I keep adding to my bobblehead day list. Rome is giving away FF, and the Reds HOF gives out a different BH for weekend admissions throughout the summer. The Nats have 7 BH days.

Will came home Friday night. Watched a little of the ACC Tourney. Ceil couldn’t decide what to cook. Matthew talked her into PaPa Johns pizza. Later I drove him over to I-75 to meet his girlfriend and her family. They had just picked MC up from the airport. Saturday I cleaned upstairs and drove M out to meet his girlfriend. We always meet at the Birmingham Road Publix, in extreme north Fulton County. After dropping him off I decided to try out the sandwich shop in the shopping center. Wasn’t as quaint as I’d expected. My turkey sub was just ok.

Saturday night we ate Costco rotisserie chicken. Later I drove out to pick up Matthew. Sunday I dropped him off at church and picked up Will and MC. Later they went down to the Shakespeare Tavern to see a play. Later I went back to pick up Matthew. I think I’m going to start dropping M off at three, run for an hour, then read for an hour while cooling down, then go to the 5 pm service.

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