Tuesday, March 11, 2014

End It Movement

The Passion P logo - not exactly sure what it means. Kinda a weird P. The big red X is the symbol for the End It Movement, to end human trafficking / slavery (www.enditmovement.com<http://www.enditmovement.com>). February 27 was the official End IT Day, and supporters were encouraged to draw a red X on their hands and share a photo on social media. Kyle Koerver played a game with a red X on his hand. Years ago Louie's father designed the Chickfila logo.

Friday night Ceil took M to a church bowling event, and later I picked him up. Saturday morning I cleaned upstairs. Ceil took M to a friend's house in Alpharetta, in the same neighborhood that Chipper and Usher live in. Got a bunch done on eBay Saturday and Sunday. Sold three items and posted several more.

I did watch parts of the VT game. Miller had a big first half. Also almost all of Duke/UNC. Heard them show Cowboys' QB Tony Romo sitting on the sidelines. Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett was sitting right next to Romo, but I didn't hear them say anything about him during the game. Sunday SportsCenter showed a video of Romo shooting three-pointers. A Duke player had his hand in Romo's face. Supposedly Romo never missed. In high school Romo was all state in basketball, and turned down a college scholarship. Romo was at Duke rehabbing from back surgery, working out with Duke head coach David Cutcliff, a noted QB guru.

Sunday I drove M down to the Lindbergh Five Guys. On the way home I drove up Roswell Road and ate at Cheeseburger Bobbys. It was ok, but for the price I could've eaten somewhere nicer (Moxie Burger) or better (Fuddruckers). Fries were good and plentiful. I put steak sauce on the bun, then ate all my fries first, while they were still hot/warm. By the time I got to my burger the steak sauce had soaked in, causing the bun and burger to fall apart in my hands. Later I picked M up in Roswell. Stayed up late with him working on a school project.

A Few Good Men is another movie I have never watched. Seems like a movie I would like, but I have never gotten around to it. Saturday afternoon I watched one of my favorites: Sleepless in Seattle. Ceil even watched some of it. Also watched lots of the Doral golf tourney both Saturday and Sunday.

Will's first stop on his spring break trip was Charlottesville / University of Virginia. Heard they were camping out.

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