Sunday, March 09, 2014

More on Baseball & Bobbleheads

Attending five baseball games in a row would be taxing, even in four different cities. That Rounding Third blog guy took three months to visit 30 ballparks, taking off days and rarely attending a game on the day he traveled. Being on the road so long would drive me crazy, but a game every night would grow old as well.

Only after I saw the close-together dates in Cincy and Nashville with an open Thursday in between did I look at the Louisville schedule. Interesting that Nashville has back-to-back bobblehead nights. The three wise man bobbleheads are sponsored by some religious organization. Asheville is also kinda out of the way from my usual routes. After adding Louisville to the list I could've looked at Indianapolis or other Midwestern cities.

Speaking of Louisville, my college roommate Tom had his dog featured as the pet of the night at the Louisville Cardinals basketball game the other night. Tom attends several Louisville Bats and Cincinnait Reds games each year, and tries to make it to Turner Field every few years. In 2012 I saw him for the first time in almost 20 years. I still kick myself for not tagging along on his road trip to Yankee Stadium and Fenway Park back when we were single.

Will says he'll get the UGA bobblehead on April 10 while I go to Turner Field. Thursdays are busy days for Will, so we'll see if he makes it. I enjoyed going to games out at Gwinnett last year. Liked it better than Rome.  

For Christmas my family gave me an Apple TV unit so we could watch NetFlix on both TV's. I've hardly messed with it, but now that spring training has started I'll be making use of the MLB App. Supposedly I can watch just about any televised game. This weekend I got to listen to some of the Braves games on radio. This week 680's Chuck and Chernoff are down at ST, but they still spent most of their time talking about football. Interesting to listen to Chernoff talk about his left-handed 7 year old's little league practice.

Remember my friend George, the tall ex-Sprayberry CFA manager who loves baseball? His 9th grade daughter made the Kell JV baseball team. She's closed two games without allowing a run – both two inning appearances. The competition will probably get tougher, but so far George is thrilled, as he should be.

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