Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I like tomatoes, both cooked and raw. It's the hot sauce that I don't like. Back in 2008 my tirant boss took me to eat at Firehouse Subs. Firehouse has dozens of hot sauces lined up on their counter, in order from mild to hot. We were sitting near the HOT end. My boss grabbed the bottle at the end, simply labeled FIRE. My boss poured out a bunch of this fire sauce on his sandwich, took one bite, and ran into the bathroom. That was the end of his lunch.

Worked until almost 6:30 Tuesday night, then got stuck in Sandy Springs traffic while taking a different route home. Stopped by one Kroger for toothpaste, then M called and HAD to have Ken's honey mustard salad dressing, so I had to stop by a second Kroger. Got home at eight, changed clothes and ate dinner (blackened boneless chicken and mixed vegetables). By then it was nine. Worked on eBay stuff. Tonight I'll order that Stan Musial three-fingered mitt from Amazon, that doesn't exist.

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