Thursday, March 06, 2014

Sour Grapes

Having an American League team is town sure would be fun, but I agree, it won’t happen. Just sour grapes about the Braves moving. The city already said they don’t have the money to make needed repairs on Turner. The city has enough opponents trying to block the new Falcons dome. If an AL team did come, the Yankees and Red Sox games would be well attended. A new team would have the same attendance issues the Braves have – not so much the winning and losing, but busy families don’t go to games in April, May, August, and September because school is in session and kids have after school activities. Downtown traffic is bad, MARTA doesn’t run trains to the stadium, and for a young family tickets/parking/food are expensive to go multiple times. During June and July attendance increases. Playoff games often start at 4 pm or 6 pm on weekdays. Even so, the Braves sold out the past few times they made the playoffs.

I used to park across I-20 near the Capitol, then walk past the Archives building to the stadium. Now I park on the west side of 75/85 at the IBEW building. It’s a decent little walk. Back when we lived in Morningside Ceil and I once drove to a doubleheader. She went home after the first game. After the second game (Steve Avery’s first MLB start) my friend and I RAN home…straight down Piedmont.

Never been inside the Gwinnett Arena, but that’s where the SEC women’s tournament is. Great Sports Illustrated article about Jabari Parker. Seems like a good kid.

MARCH 5: Left work at 5:45 Wednesday afternoon. So much to do. Went straight home. Ceil had fixed black beans and rice before leaving for art. M and A had stayed up late Tuesday night studying, so both took long naps after school. I worked on the computer, watched Modern Family, and popped two batches of corn for Matthew (and one for me). Barney loved it, because while the corn is popping out I toss him popcorn for him to catch in his mouth. Since he cut his haircut last Friday he can see better, so he was catching them all out of the air.

At nine M wanted to watch Psych, so I went upstairs to read. Having stayed up until almost midnight the past two nights, I was tempted to go to sleep. I made it to ten before nodding off. Slept through the entire night. Didn’t even wake up when Ceil and Barney came to bed.

MARCH 3: Found a great sale on Greek yogurt at Kroger. Bought 15 little containers of several name brands: Dannon, Aptiva, etc. Plus two boxes with eight yogurt tubes in each. Saved $15.60. Good flavors: blueberry, vanilla, key lime, strawberry. Went home and cleaned out the fridge to make room, and found two yogurts no one was eating. Later I popped a bowl of popcorn. For supper Ceil made chicken soup, rice, corn on the cob, and tossed salad. After eating on the Costco rotisserie chicken Saturday night, Ceil used the rest for the soup and a batch of chicken salad. If she starts buying the lower cost Costco meat, that will be good.

Picked up four books on CD at the library, including Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power. Gassed up the Jeep. Again. It’s not getting 16 MPG around town. Still it’s so nice to have a third vehicle. Last night Anna drove the CRV down to her meeting at PCC. She wants to run in a Color Run race down at the Atlanta Motor Speedway where they spray paint all over you.

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