Thursday, March 27, 2014


Last night Will was talking to a friend who will be rooming with him this fall. He is from Macon, and they discovered their dads both went to Central High. So Will asked me if I knew his friend’s dad. Turns out we were close friends who have been out of touch since high school. 

Not much going on with me. Catching up a little today. Still plenty to do.

Wednesday night C went to art. Anna went to a movie. I took M to Zaxbys. He watched the last ever episode of Psych. I watched House of Cards and packaged ebay items. I’ve sold 18 items this month.

Slept through the night the past two nights, which is great. Helps when the dog stays downstairs.

Last night SMU won after going up court and taking the last shot after not calling timeout when they had the chance. I always like it when coaches do that. Didn’t Butler do that in the championship game a few years ago against Duke, when the long three pointer to win barely missed?

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