Thursday, March 20, 2014

Miles and Miles

Wednesday night C and A had art, and M was off at a friend's house, so I took my time getting home. Left the office at 5:45 and stopped by a Cheeseburger Bobbys near the office. Perhaps if I stop using A1 steak sauce and use ketchup instead the burger will taste better. Still not as good as Fuddruckers, but ok. Passed on the fries, which are good and plentiful. On the way home I found an Iyla Kovalchuk bobblehead for my collection.

About 9:15 I returned a library book and mailed some letters, then drove 38 miles, past Six Flags to Douglasville to pick up Matthew. I'd noticed that 285 traffic was backed up northbound, so on the way back I took 20 east downtown, then 75 north to Delk Road…adding another ten miles to my already long trip. Of course traffic was backed up downtown as well. Got home about 11:15.

Finally got somewhat caught up at work yesterday, but this morning we had a rejection on one part and a shutdown on another. Plus other issues keep coming up.

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