Monday, December 07, 2015

Championship Saturday

Took off Friday. Trying to get everything done before the wedding. So hard to work around the house. I got a lot done but only scratched the surface. In the morning I cleaned upstairs. Ceil had a wedding meeting and M blew the driveway. Met with a sheet rock guy who took measurements to quote the big repair. Later I drove M to Alpharetta for choir practice. Got home and moved wood chips from the huge pile in our back yard. Will and Matthew had moved one of the two big pile, and Will and I have spread about half the second pile. I also cleaned out some of the garage.

Ceil returned but realized she had forgotten several items. After eating chili we set out in traffic at 5:30. I took Lower Roswell to Johnson Ferry to Sandy Springs to Lake Forest to Roswell Road to Piedmont to get to the Disco Kroger. Then down Peachtree to Pershing Point before Sam Flax closed at 7:30. There was a fire engine blocking a southbound lane of Peachtree on Heartbreak Hill between Peachtree Battle and Peachtree Park, near Houston's. Traffic was backed up to Piedmont. I'm sure Roswell Road was backed up as well. Took almost 30 minutes to go from the Disco Kroger to Pershing Point. Then we took 85 North to 285 West to Perimeter Mall. While Ceil did what she had to do I checked out all the sneaker stores. Saw a nice pair at Nordstrom for $545.00. Instead I grabbed my December free Coke at Chickfila. Gassed up the CRV on the way home. Didn't get home until almost nine. Watched Elf.

At 9 am Saturday Matthew texted, ready to come home from his band practice sleepover. We had expected him to stay all day, but no problem. I chipped the ice off my car and drove over to Peachtree Corners to fetch him. Worked downstairs while watching College GameDay. Kept an eye on the Texas/Baylor game while working outside. Gassed up Anna's Jeep and topped off the fluids under the hood. Did laundry and cleaned out the utility closet and parts of the garage. Loaded my car with stuff for Goodwill. Ceil was gone off somewhere again. Moved inside for the end of Texas/Baylor. Down to their fourth QB (a receiver) Baylor lost, missing out on a Sugar Bowl bid.

Watched Bama beat Florida. Some don't think Bama has the complete package, but they shut down Florida's weak offense and dominated on offense. We had to drive Anna's Jeep down to her at Perimeter Mall, then we watched Clemson edge UNC. Once again Clemson jumped out to a lead then hung on for dear life to win. They held QB Marquise Williams to five completions in the first half but couldn't stop him in the second half. Dabo was acting like Muschamp a couple of times. Then the line judge blew the offsides call on the onsides kick. While it's doubtful the ACC had instructed the referees the importance of Clemson winning the game, the blown call sure came at an interesting time.
As I predicted, the Playoff Committee figured out a way to set up an Alabama/Oklahoma final, by pushing Michigan State to three and dropping the Sooners to four. Ceil went out to lunch with her girlfriends at church. I watched some of the college football playoff coverage, then the NFL Red Zone channel. Worked on laundry off and on until 10 pm, then found another dirty basket in the side room. Ceil had driven M down to Passion City Church, and I drove down to pick him up. When I got back I watched ESPN's analysis of the bowl matchups.

I saw where Georgia State was winning, then that they won. The guys on 680 (Buck Belue and Chuck Oliver) were talking about how hard it would be for the Panthers to win down in Statesboro.

The NFL Red Zone channel is something. Cam loafs and gets punished. Saints return blocked PAT 80 yards for 2 points. Ted Ginn was dropping passes, but caught the go-ahead score.

Chiefs return three interceptions 60 yards. Janakowski misses a PAT. Charles Woodson stole the ball. Kansas City ditched the kick and went for two. Their kicker went to SC.

After the Jets kicked a field goal on their first overtime possession the Giants kicker missed a field goal, ending the game. Weird to see a game end on a missed field goal.

Bears kicker missed a chip shot. and 49ers won in OT. The Bears kicked off to start the OT, so I changed the channel from the game to the Rad Zone channel. The announcer almost immediately reported then one of the OT games was over. The 49ers had scored on their first play.

In one game a defensive back broke up a pass. Instead of celebrating looked all around to make sure a penalty wasn't called. Not sure I ever saw that before.

Brady catches a pass for a big gain but throws two interceptions- one for a 100 yard TD return. Eagles also score on a punt return and blocked punt. Patriots almost come back but fall short.

RICHT: How much of last week was planed in advance? Was Richt given a beat Florida ultimatum? Tired of the meddling boosters, did Richt start Bauta to spite them? Then knowing his days were numbered, did he start talks with Miami well before the season was over? Quite possible. Also probable was that McCarrity was negotiating with Smart the last few weeks.

Bought a hot air popcorn popper (#4). My good old popper (#2) wore out roasting coffee beams, and I can't find my red backup (#3). The new popper blows out too many un-popped kernels. You can't pop an entire bowlful at a time. Not good, but Barney liked it
Also bought a Yomiuri Giants baseball cap that dates back to the 1990's. I had wanted one for almost 30 years. Interesting construction and backsnap. Tag has Japanese lettering. Lightweight polyester as opposed to heavy wool. Fits me well - size LL must mean XL. One just like it recently sold for almost $60.00 on eBay.

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