Friday, December 11, 2015


More so than the past, our company management shares motivational slogans with us lowlife employees. At least most are decent.

The Atlanta Market Top Ten contains several good adages that apply to many areas of life:
1. Get paid for what you do.
2. Inspect what you expect.
3. Focus on the bottom line, not the top.
4. Know you market, know your customer.
5. Under promise. Over deliver.
6. Don’t put off until tomorrow what can be done today.
7. If it is to be, it is up to me.
8. Be a program maker, not a program breaker (have a good attitude).
9. Take accountability for any and every customer disappointment.
10. Be willing to walk away (every order is not a good one).

The 2015 slogan “One Step Closer to Domination!” is on the back of the nice blue T shirts we were given.

CEO’s slogan for 2016: “SAY YES, FIGURE IT OUT.” I like the figure it out part. Probably needs a “then” in the middle. We were just given rubber bracelets with this motto. In real life the motto is “SAY YES, LET DAVE FIGURE IT OUT.”

The South Region’s 2016 slogan: “NO CUSTOMER LEFT BEHIND." Shane's 2016 slogan is "ALL IN EVERYDAY.”

Not sure about our Christmas cards yet. Haven’t written a Christmas letter yet, but you should get one of those at some point. Speaking of Christmas letters I was wondering what you thought about them – most letters only tell the good things. Some of the more refreshing and memorable Christmas letters also share some of the not so positive things that happen. Every year we look forward to getting a letter from one family who shares the good and bad. The letter seems to get longer every year, and every year all the things this family accomplishes becomes more and more astounding. I want to map out all the events to count the trips and other activities. Many families will share a family photo from the beach. This family had the beach photo one year, then New York the next, then San Francisco, then Paris, then the Pyramids. One year I expect a photo from outer space.

The other day two coworkers found a lost dog outside our lobby. They needed a leash, so I volunteered the strap from my laptop bag. A couple of hours later they returned the strap – smelling like a wet dog. Luckily I found a new leash for my bag.
Sounds like a star-studded cast in From Here to Eternity. I need to watch more Burt Lancaster movies. I loved him in Field of Dreams.

Hot stove meeting was good last night. Lots of people in yesterday afternoon at work who had come in for a big sales meeting, so I didn’t leave the office until 5:30. Stopped by Chickfila on the way and didn’t get there until seven. Eleven attended the meeting – nine from last month (missing two older gentlemen) as well as the head baseball coach at North Forsyth and his young son. The coach shared that most of his players would be playing college ball. One of his pitchers was drafted in June by Oakland, and the coach shared his summer experience. Later we discussed several of the moves by the Braves and other teams. I didn’t get to bed until 1 am last night so I am dragging today. Also grouchy.

Taking another vacation day tomorrow. I’ll try to advise if anything is newsworthy. M still not well. Should know more by Monday.

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