Thursday, December 03, 2015

Richt Returns

Good for Mark Richt. Great that he has the opportunity to do whatever it is he wants to do. So many people thought he would retire or take a year off. What business is it of theirs?
With questionable moves by the athletic director pulling coaches off the recruiting trail, then sending them back out, with Kirby wanting angry elf Will Muschamp to be his defensive coordinator, with current defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt rumored to be returning to Alabama to take Kirby’s place, the zealots who were storming the bastille wanting a coaching change are most assuredly having second thoughts – this whole shakeup isn’t going quite the way they had planned. I’m not seeing the same bold comments on social media. They thought Richt might hang around UGA like Dooley did, perhaps serving as assistant AD or just hanging around doing good deeds and making the university look good, in sharp contrast to the donors and athletic department with their win at all costs mentality that every other school has. My kids are hearing stories of heartless donors pulling strings, demanding Richt’s ouster. Guess it’s good they learn about how the real world operates. Now the Richt regime isn’t looking so bad.
All the bad stuff aside, perhaps its best for both parties that Richt has moved on. We’ll see if Kirby can immediately show improvement in the record as opposed to having a rough first year. One thing’s for sure: they need a quarterback. When Ramsey was being recruited as the next Tim Tebow I wondered how he would fit into the UGA offense, and he hasn’t. Bauta isn’t the answer either, I’m afraid. Only in very rare occasions does a “dual-threat” QB actually turn out to be great at running AND passing. For every RGIII or Vince Young there are 20 or more who do more harm than good.

Hopefully Richt (#9, above) can be as lucky as former Miami QB coach Earl Morrall (above in white) and recruit more Vinnie Testaverdes (18), Jim Kellys (12), and Bernie Kosars (1) than Kyle Vanderwendes (13).
California Shootings: So many people just believe everything they hear on the radio and on the news, never questioning the accuracy of the statements. Co-workers, in particular. I’m not going to try to convince them otherwise. They see no connection between yesterday’s shooting in California to similar attacks going on around the world, instead chalking it up to individual crazy people, is just ridiculous. Many news networks leave out the nationality and names of the shooters, particularly if the shooter isn’t American. Now the Obama administration is requiring the effected municipality to funnel information through them to control what is reported. Whatever happened to state’s rights and freedom of the press? This wasn’t as much as an issue after the identity of the Colorado Springs shooter was revealed. What was the difference?
What will happen in 2016? Will refugees receive benefits that veterans and seniors don’t? Will Muslim refugees continue to be accepted while Christian refugees are not? Will increased spending a climate change bankrupt the US economy – while more guilty countries get off scott free? Will the unreasonable strife on college campuses continue? Will we see the overseas attacks on Christians and women spread to the US? Will the US ever call out attacks ISIS takes responsibility for? My fear is that ISIS will continue to establish more and more of a foothold inside the US, then unleash a coordinated attack on several US cities late next October – and the president will declare martial law and cancel the November presidential election. At what point, if ever, will Congress take a stand in opposition to the many unconstitutional activities that continue to come out of the executive branch?
Lanier: Now when I watch the Fox 5 “in your face” high school football highlight show, I have never heard of most of the schools. There is a new school in Gwinnett or Hall County near Lake Lanier – called Lanier High School. The people who named the school named it after the lake or the area – completely missing the fact that the lake is named after poet Sidney Lanier. The school mascot / team name is the Longhorns. Sad. Sidney Lanier High School in Macon – and its sister school in Alabama – were the Lanier Poets. Bart Starr attended Lanier in Alabama. Like the Cairo Syrupmakers, there just aren’t many creative team names like that anymore. Now almost every high school or rec team uncreatively names itself after a college or pro team – and copies their logo as well, even if they’re violating copyright laws in the process.   
On the way home Monday traffic was slow at the top of the hill near the Stinky Kroger. It was 7 pm and someone had just hit a deer. The buck was sitting in the left lane, alive but dazed. Nice rack of antlers.
Tuesday night I did not use my free Chickfila sandwich coupon AND when we drove through Taco Bell for Matthew I didn’t order me anything – and I didn’t eat what M had left over. So I’ve been good for 3 days now. When I turned on the radio the Tech game was either over or at the half. As usual I was listening to my book on CD.
M had an interview Tuesday to work at the new East Cobb Sprouts grocery store.
The Christmas food is starting to come in from vendors. Monday I got some yogurt flavored pecans that I’m getting everyone else to eat. Tuesday another vendor brought in breakfast sandwiches, fruit, potato salad, and brownies. I didn’t get anything.
Wednesday: another long night. Left work at 6:15. Ceil cooked meatloaf, but it wasn’t ready until eight. I cleaned out the fridge, changed into warm clothes, watched Jeopardy and The Middle, then drove down to pick up M at the Passion City Church youth Christmas party. Bout fell asleep on the way home.
Like me, the two ESPN experts (Mark Schlabaugh and some other guy) aren’t sure Clemson will beat UNC. Like me they think it will be an AL/OK championship game.
Charles Baugh’s parents just celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary.

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