Saturday, December 26, 2015

Top Ten Falcon QBs

Top Ten Greatest Falcon quarterbacks:

1. Matt Ryan (2) has been excellent throughout his career.
2. Steve Bartkowski (10) gave team its first deep playoff run.
3. Chris Chandler (12) led team to its only Super Bowl appearance.
4. Michael Vick (7) led team deep in playoffs before being jailed. A top ten Falcon? No way.
5. Bob Berry (17) led team to its first winning season.
6. Bobby Hebert (3) gave the team consistency.
7. Bob Lee (19) beat the Purple People Eaters on Monday Night Football (above).
8. Randy Johnson (11) was the team’s first QB, a first round draft pick (below).
9. Chris Miller (12) was good but suffered too many concussions.
10. Dave Archer (16) returned to become the voice of the Falcons.
Michael Vick was recently named the 10th greatest Falcon. Twelve players who rank higher than Vick as an all-time Falcon: Jamal Anderson, William Andrews, Steve Bartkowski, Keith Brooking, Chris Chandler, Claude Humphrey, Julio Jones, Tommy Nobis, Matt Ryan, Deion Sanders, Jessie Tuggle, and Jeff Van Note. There are probably others, like Bill Fralic, George Kunz, and Jim Mitchell.

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