Saturday, December 05, 2015

Fournette v Henry v Herschel

Alabama running back Derrick Henry can break Herschel Walker's single season SEC rushing record. The difference: it's taking Henry 13 games to break the record Herschel set in only eleven.
Watching college football and hearing announcers spout accolades about the great players of today, it’s amazing to compare these players to the accomplishments of Walker. Both Henry and Leonard Fournette have been unable to keep pace with Walker’s tremendous college career.
Herschel has:
2090 more yards than Henry in 3 years.
13 more touchdowns
1 more SEC championship
832 more yards than Fournette in 2 years
5 more touchdowns
2 more SEC championships
If either back returns to school next season, even a banner year would still leave them looking up the charts at Herschel’s remarkable achievements.
DH 0382 03 HW 1616 15
DH 0990 11 HW 1891 18
DH 1797 22 HW 1752 16
DH 3169 36 HW 5259 49
LF 1034 10 HW 1616 15
LF 1741 18 HW 1891 18
LF 2775 28 HW 3507 33
Those comparing Herschel and Bo aren’t looking at the huge disparity in their statistics, which boil down to performance on the field. Herschel had twenty-eight 100 yard games versus Bo’s 21. Walker was every bit as fast and powerful as Jackson, perhaps even more so. And Herschel achieved much more than Bo, both in college and the pros. What Bo did in baseball, Herschel achieved on the track, in the Winter Olympics, the MMA cage, and even in ballet.
BJ 4303 45 HW 5259 52

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