Monday, December 21, 2015


Thursday night I worked late then drove out to Cumming to fetch M. Stopped at three thrift stores along the way. Drove through Taco Bell for him on the way home. I still wasn't hungry from the big lunch I had at work. 

I took off Friday and worked around the house. Did laundry all day, then late in the day opened the door to the downstairs bedroom and found it piled up with dirty clothes. Did laundry all day Saturday as well. There's still two baskets of laundry to do. Will arrived home from Athens with another carload of his stuff. By Saturday I had his room where you could walk through it. Ceil was working on posting grades for her classes. Anna went to lunch with friends from high school. At noon C and M went shopping, they didn't get home until after seven. Burgers, fries, and baked beans for dinner. Afterwards we played Scattegories, a board game. I dominated.

More cleaning on Saturday. Didn't watch any bowl games. M had some friends come over and take him out for the afternoon. C cooked a chicken & noodles dish, and salad. That night Noelle hosted a shower for W&MC attended by our small group, MC's family, and a few Living Science students - 23 people in all. Good to see Kevin, Alyssa, Kara, and Lucy. Lots of good desserts to eat.

Sunday school, then I didn't do too much. C worked on grades and made a Mexican dish. M cooked chicken tacos for him and Anna. We were going through old photos of Will for the wedding. C went shopping and A went to Grace Midtown. I drove M over for his night out with his small group friends Daniel, John, and Nathan. Had to pick him up at 10:30. I should’ve turned on the Sound of Music because its Ceil’s favorite. Instead we watched Elf, one of my favorites. I didn’t watch the Falcons. I watched the Red Zone channel. I still say the Falcons main problem, aside from not having an offensive line, is the offensive coordinator / play-caller. Matt Ryan’s interception was tipped. People always forget that. Also took a nap.

I had thought about visiting the AFB museum when I was in Destin.

Some people have never seen or heard of a handbell choir. It’s interesting to describe it to them, and to tell them about watching someone like Ouida Sarah play a song all by herself.

Reading a biography of Johnny Carson written by his lawyer. Quite interesting. Early in his career managers and agents and wives took advantage of Johnny. One corrupt manger was Sonny Werblin, the owner of the Jets. In the late 1960’s Johnny’s second wife had an affair with Frank Gifford. Interesting that Johnny was basically a hard to get to know introvert. All the stars used to working with a script were in awe of Johnny for his ability to perform on live TV night after night without a script.

Torn about the Georgia State bobble. It looks cool – the coach on the chair with his broken leg. There are only 500 being given out so it might be valuable. With Christmas, traffic will be bad but I’m not sure how big the crowd will be – how early I’d have to go to get one. Georgia State is buying Turner Field. Don’t they know how bad the traffic is down there? Maybe they can get the city to help spruce up the area – YEAH RIGHT!

Interviewing to host next year’s Miss Universe pageant.

Earth is to the Miss Universe Pageant as Bartow County is to Georgia Distinguished Young Women Pageant.

Wearing my Chewbacca costume to watch the new Star Wars. When it comes out on Redbox.

At the recent Climate Change summit world leaders agreed to 75% reduction in the length of CVS cash register receipts.

Twenty NFL players who “lost it all” according to  I’m pretty sure “lost it all” is a relative term, in some cases merely meaning they lost all of one poor investment. Tiki Barber, Mark Brunel, Dermontti Dawson, Luther Ellis, Archie Griffin, Travis Henry, Rocket Ismael, Bernie Kosar, Dick Night Train Lane, Dan Marino, Andre Rison, JaMarcus Russell, Chris McAlister, Deuce McAllister, Terrell Owens, Ray Rice, Warren Sapp, Lawrence Taylor, Johnny Unitas, and Michael Vick. Art Schleister was not mentioned.

The MLB Network listed the top 50 all-time plays at the plate. Sid’s Slide was third. A vast majority of the plays happened since the turn of the century – totally diminishing hundreds of great plays that took place during the first 125 years of the game. When Julio Lugo’s game-winning run on an umpire’s blown call makes the list, you know not to take it seriously.

When I am out there is little work others have to do in my stead. When others are out there is a constant stream of unfinished work I have to complete. Vendor ran out of a high-use tube that he should never run out of. The wrong material was sent to our customer. Shipments set up for after the customer closed for Christmas. A form was filled out incompletely, missing several bits of important information that no one else knows. And that was just this morning.

Another department forgot they sent out material months ago to be reduced to a smaller size. The vendor contacted me, so I arranged the pickup and volunteered to help with the out-of-the ordinary receiving. But the receipt was set up wrong, so it couldn’t be done until it was fixed. A 15 minute task turned into a 4 hour ordeal. While working on it I stumbled across another forgotten order, this one 6 months old, a $4,000.00 problem. Every time I fix someone’s work order problem I get to go to their department and eat their Christmas food. No wonder I’m so fat.

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