Monday, September 05, 2016

Sports Bits

Saturday I wore my 1982 braves cap to CoolRay Field.
This and that from Sports Illustrated: Athletes in the wine business: Ditka, Elway, UGA’s Terry Hoage, John Madden, Joe Montana, Dick Vermeil, Nicklaus, Greg Norman, Arnold Palmer, Mario Andretti, Jeff Gordon, Wayne Gretzky, Tom Seaver, Yao Ming, Peggy Fleming, Rick Mirer, Drew Bledsoe.
Alabama’s strength & conditioning coach makes more than 22 Division 1 head coaches.
The Royals Edinson Volquez allowed 12 runs while getting only 3 outs – the most since records were kept (1913).
A better team of NBA Americans did not play in the Olympics than did.

PER = Player Efficiency Rating
WS = Win Share
PER / WS / team
24.8 10.7 2016 summer off team
20.7 08.9 2016 Rio team (gold)
24.0 11.3 2012 London team (gold)
22.1 10.2 2008 Beijing team (gold)
19.8 07.7 2004 Athens team (bronze)
PG Kyrie Irving – Stephen Curry PG
PG Kyle Lowry – Chris Paul PG
SG Klay Thompson – John Wall PG
SG Jimmy Butler – James Harden SG
SG DeMar DeRozan – Russell Westbrook SG
SF Kevin Durant – Damian Lilliard SG
SF Paul George – LeBron James SF
SF Harrison Barnes – Kawhi Leonard SF
PF Carmelo Anthony – Blake Griffin PF
PF Draymond Green – LaMarcus Aldridge PF
C DeMarcus Cousins – Anthony Davis C
C DeAndre Jordan – Andre Drummand C
A pitcher can be more creative about holding on a dangerous runner. A slow move to first does no good. Why throw if you’re not going to make a quick throw. Teheran has a good move and picks off a lot of runners. Not sure how often he throws over. Instead throw to the plate and don’t give the guy time for a good jump. Throw strikes. Don’t walk guys.
Read an article saying baseball needs to send its best players to Tokyo in 2020 for the Olympics to expand its popularity, and proposed the MLB but the season back to 154 games so the players could skip those 2 weeks. Also drop the all-star game that year. NHL does this. Might be tough to get out of the TV contracts. What NBC should do is allow the MLB regional networks to televise all the Olympic play-in games, though most won’t be in prime time. But every Team USA game could be aired in prime time.
Wonder if the Marist game will be televised. Saturday there were two high school games on TV. A team from Arizona traveled to Denver to play Christian McCafferty’s brothers’ team, a private Christian school. Arizona won. Then one of the best teams in Georgia (Grayson) hosted IMG Academy, the “school” in Florida where prospects from around the country go to be groomed into elite athletes. IMG stands for International Management Group, the corporation formed by agents to represent professional athletes. IMG is where Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh wanted to conduct spring training, to give Michigan more of a recruiting presence in Florida.
A couple of people asked me to be in a fantasy league. Like you, I don’t know the players any more. I follow college a lot more than pro. I know the names of four Falcons. I passed.
Glad that 49ers backup QB with the huge house and salary and loving step-parents is getting flack from other NFL players about his decision to boycott the National Anthem. I already have plenty of reasons why I’m not interested in the NFL, and now this. I can see why the commissioner hasn’t responded, and perhaps the team as well. Great that the players are stepping up. When teams are running out of the tunnel carrying the American flag, and spreading out hundred yard flags before the game with jets flying overhead, Mr. Colin is surely a black eye. Going forward I’m sure his decision could haunt his career.
After several days on the go, Monday night I just wanted to crash. Worked past six. C was headed to the grocery so I stopped by one thrift store and RaceTrac (for a free ice cream cone). Beat C home and watched Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, and the first half of You’ve Got Mail. I was working on an app to download my pictures off my phone, but it was going slow. Went to bed at 9:45.
A few days ago I watched Splash all the way through. Hadn’t watched that movie in a while, but I still remember most of the lines.
Working on my college football predictions. Could be a long year for GT. Every game on Georgia’s schedule is winnable, except the SEC Championship Game. Clemson has an easy schedule – except at FSU.
Tuesday: Ceil cooked spaghetti. Wheel of Fortune. Jeopardy Teachers Tourney from Washington DC. Some of the Braves victory. On the Golf Channel David Feherity interviewed Bob Uecker. Worked on the computer. Did the dishes.

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