Thursday, September 01, 2016

Predictions: Georgia Tech

Last year I did such a bad job at predicting Tech and Georgia’s football seasons, that I’m not sure I want to try it again. Perhaps I’ll pick week by week. So many unanswered questions as the new season starts. Has Tech improved enough to post a winning record and play in another crappy bowl game? Will Jacob Eason win the QB job? Can UGA slip past Florida and Tennessee? Can Dabo keep Watson healthy? I sure don’t have the answers. Neither does anyone else.

9.03 vs Boston College in Ireland. Usually Tech is more talented, but Boston College is better coached. BC always wants it more. To completely generalize: a bunch of disciplined white Catholic school boys not good enough to land a better scholarship, playing against a bunch of undisciplined black inner city kids not good enough to land a better scholarship. BC will hit GT hard. Will Tech back down and quit, or will the Jackets keep playing? Usually Tech embarrasses themselves on national TV, and in unfamiliar environments. This has all the makings of a BC win. Tech may be improved on both sides of the ball, and Justin Thomas can take over any game. But I pick Boston College to win. 0-1.
9.10 vs Mercer. Before the game there will be a bunch of Maconites predicting a Bears victory. We got an SEC quarterback from Vandy, they’ll say. First, the big McCrary kid is the worst excuse for a QB I’ve ever seen. For every good play he makes, he screws up two. Can’t throw. Can’t find receivers under pressure. The last two years he’s ranked near the bottom of the Total QB Rating charts. No way mercer even comes close, even against a woeful Tech team. Bet the house. 1-1.
I have no idea about the rest of the games.
09.17 vs Vandy. I want Tech to win this game. I hate Vandy. Perhaps the Commodores can’t stop the option. I’ve give it to Tech. 2-1.
09.22 vs Clemson. Thursday night. National TV. All the recruits have their eyes on the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. The Tigers and their fans think Tech has a home hex on them. In 2014 Watson injured his knee at Grant Field, which is a sight all lit up at night. But the hex stops here. Another Tech embarrassment on national TV. How does this help recruiting? 2-2.
10.01 vs Miami. Mark Richt inherited fast backs, big linemen, and a gifted QB. Kinda like when he was at Georgia, when he beat Tech more often than not. 2-3.
10.08 at Pitt – a tough place to win. Between Miami and Pitt, maybe Tech wins one of them. 3-3. There is talk of a bowl. Crazy talk.
10.15 vs Georgia Southern. Is this the year the Eagles win? The beat Florida in the Swamp and almost beat Georgia in Athens (in an off year for Georgia, but still). GSU knows how to defend the option, and their talent isn’t much worse than Tech’s. The Jackets will come in thinking they’re superior, and it will cost them. More embarrassment for Tech – they lose. 3-4.
10.29 vs Duke. The Blue Devils lost their QB and will be on the road. They embarrassed Tech last year in Durham. The Jackets squeak out a rare win. 4-4.
11.05 at UNC. After beating Duke, no way Tech wins on the road. 4-5.11.12 at Virginia Tech. The Hokies have a new coach, and their schedule is no slouch. Another road loss for GT. 4-6.11.19 vs Virginia. The Wahoos also have a new coach. Will have UVA in position to win? I have no idea, but will give Tech the Grant Field edge. 5-6.
With another win Tech becomes bowl eligible and doesn’t have a losing season. As usual, Jacket fans predict an upset in Athens. Problem is, said fans only follow Tech, and even then not closely. They have no idea what goes on outside the Grant Field cocoon.
11.26 at Georgia. Kirby makes a statement, though it won’t be a blowout. 5-7. But wait! Some of bowl games need teams, and are accepting teams with losing records? Does Tech have a chance? Uh, no. The bowls note that Tech fans don’t travel well, and Jackets stay home for a second straight year. Will this get Johnson fired? With Tech finances still in the crapper, probably not.
At best GT wins ten, but that would be a big reach. Tech will probably win fewer than my predicted five. The only sure win is Mercer. Could be a long year.

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