Tuesday, September 27, 2016

White Coat Weekend

Arnie tribute day two: high praise from SI. Perhaps a little too high. Arnie was the king, but he would never compare himself to the King.
Discovered today that Willowbank, the Bermuda Christian retreat we stayed at on our honeymoon, was closed down in late 2011 due to declining business and the economy. Bob Marsh used to lead discussion groups there every year in return for the week’s vacation. Not sure if another hotel took over the Willowbank property, of if it was torn down. More to come.
Thursday night Ceil sent M out for PaPa John’s Pizza.
Friday I worked past 5:45. Cleaned up a little around the house while M was getting ready, then we left after 7 pm for Augusta. Stopped for gas, Moes, and one thrift store. Passed on some good looking Woodworm golf shoes from Australia. Made it to the hotel around 10:30.

Breakfast at the hotel, then the drive downtown on River Watch Parkway for Will’s White Coat Ceremony. It had been a busy week and I had a million things on my mind, but the words spoken by the faculty were interesting, if not necessary. Will is one of 41 students in his class: 31 girls and ten buys. Mostly white with a few minorities mixed in. After recieving their coats the class stood and recited a pledge/creed with several noble goals and admonitions all applying to the medical provision – except for one clearly added as a sign of the times. Based on the makeup of the class and faculty, this outlying oath was clearly not being followed (that that it should be).
The Medical College campus is across the railroad tracks from the Lucy Laney High School football stadium I had played in 40 years ago. For lunch Will had cooked BBQ and spicy mac & cheese. M drove C and Joan home. I dropped off a box at EZGo, bought cheap gas, and headed home. Listened to the UGA postgame and Braves pregame. Met C, J, and M at Moxie, which was packed. Saw the end of Tennessee/Florida at the restaurant and all of SC/Kentucky when we got home.
Anna had driven home Friday night, then rode to Hawkinsville for the Walton wedding out in a gnat infested field. She and Emily made it back by 11:30.

Sunday morning I cleaned upstairs, then took Anna to her car in Roswell. Gassed up her Jeep and the CRV. She headed back to Athens. M went to band practice. C cooked a chicken casserole while I topped off my car and got gas for the lawnmower. After lunch I cut the grass and later blew the drive. Said I’d trim the hedges after the last four holes of the Tour Championship, which turned into seven holes with the sudden death. Wanted my man Ryan Moore to win, but Rory edged him out. At least Moore made the Ryder Cup team, which means I’ll watch more. More Moore.
M came home needing gas. When he filled up I got a text from the credit card company: our seventh fill-up/top-off in three days, for four cars. Killing me.     
Better watch those burgers and fries. September 11 we went to that burger place at the Avalon in Alpharetta. Seven days later I had long forgot that meal when I suggested we cash in on the free burger for National Cheeseburger Day at Cheeseburger Bobby’s, but Ceil remembered. This past Friday night as M and I were driving to Augusta, Ceil, Joan, Will, MC, and Regina ate at a burger place in Augusta. Then Saturday night Joan wanted to go to Moxie Burger. Monday for lunch I ate Joan’s Moxie leftovers.   

Heartwarming moment in the Mets/Marlins game when Dee Gordon first wore Jose Fernandez’s batting helmet, then imitated Fernandez’s batting style – and proceeded to hit a leadoff home run. Gordon said it was the best hit he’d hit all year. Normally Gordon wears his pant legs pulled up high, but last night wore them low in memory of Fernandez. Below the caring Gordon checks on an elderly fan struck by a ball.

Spaghetti casserole. Wheel and Jeopardy. Washed dishes. Had the debate on while playing on my laptop. Went to bed shortly after ten.

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