Saturday, September 10, 2016

Braves Mets

Surprise surprise - downtown traffic was jammed. Can't wait until next year at SunTrust Park.
Had my picture taken with some movie characters. Don't know why the girl held the camera sideways. I think she didn't want to take my picture.
Grabbed a batting practice home run ball, my first with the new commissioner's signature. Didn't have the Turner Field Last Season logo. Darn.
Tonight's parade: the Rally Foundation, supporting curing childhood cancer.
Some of the kids got to toss baseballs out on the field.
From darkness into the light.
Compared to those around me, I didn't take that many pictures.
Guy on the left was nice enough to take the picture below.
After tonight there are 13 games remaining at Turner Field.
The Chief in his usual front row seat.
The sign caught my eye: since when was spitting banned at the ballpark? Don't spit, don't touch the grass, don't jump, no food, no autographs - but smile and have fun!
Across the way: the Mercedes Dome grows ever larger.
Jeopardy time: what trivia question is this the answer to?
Sat with (L-R): LJ, Darrell, and Norman, always a good, fun decision.
Lighting not good for my shoe shot: the rarely worn dark grey New Balance 310's. Note good ole Ender Inciarte patrolling centerfield.

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