Friday, September 16, 2016

The Protests

The head coach of a top ten college football program was asked in his weekly press conference what he thought of Colin Kaepernick’s protest during the national anthem. The coach’s answer went on for over two minutes. I agreed with everything he said, but especially his first and main point: the way the SF QB is protesting takes away and distracts from what the team is trying to accomplish. The QB is the leader of the offense, and CK’s protest in the buildup to kickoff is more distracting to the goals of the team.

Like me, the coach was not opposed to the player’s right to protest. As an NFL player, CK has a platform to share his views and influence. Many athletes volunteer and lobby and join in various movements and causes – almost always in the player’s time away from the stadium, or during press conferences. There’s a time and place for everything. Immediately before one of the team’s 16 games is not the time. Sure, sitting during the anthem draws a lot of attention, but as Tony Dungy’s father always said - does it make things better?

Interesting article about the NFL protests in the new Sports Illustrated. Over 70 players are participating in an ongoing group discussion via text messages. They’ve determined two critical aspects of the protest: method and message. Kapernick quickly realized sitting through the anthem was inappropriate, and kneelt instead. Players are locking arms, kneeling, and holding fists in the air. I’m good with that. It’s bringing attention and respect back to the national anthem. Secondly, the players are encouraging each other to further involve themselves in community service and action. So overall, this protest is headed in the right direction and becoming a positive thing.

TOP: Loudmouth Dallas receiver Dez Bryant did not protest.  

Monday: Spaghetti and salad for dinner. Packaged two eBay shipments. Watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Wheel of Fortune, and Jeopardy. Wheel has been on the air for 34 years. Alex Trebek and announcer Johnny Gilbert have been on Jeopardy together for 33 years.

Jeopardy answer: What SEC school’s Tigers lost the DCS Championship Game to Oregon? One contestant guessed LSU, another guessed Clemson. Correct question: Who is Auburn?

Tuesday: got a lot done at work. Stir fry for dinner. Something was wrong with the TV, but I finally got that fixed. M’s car was low on oil so I made I late Kroger run.
Wednesday: another lunch meeting, with chicken salad sandwiches from Atlanta Bread Company. Worked past 7:30. So much to do. Walked out of work exhausted. Drove south from Duluth ten miles down Peachtree Industrial, to 285, up 400 and several miles west on Abernathy to Roswell Road in Sandy Springs before hitting a red light. Made two stops plus the library, so it was almost nine before I got home. Ceil cooked chili. Watched the Braves brawl the Marlins.
Thursday: thought I was taking off to go down to Macon, but my brother stuck around to help out for a third day. I was slammed at work on Wednesday and Thursday. Tons to so, still.

Worked until 6:15 then did something different: I played golf. I should play more since the senior rate isn’t too expensive. Went to the Peachtree Golf Center par three on Peachtree Industrial in Duluth. I hadn’t completely planned the outing, so for comfort I wore navy Nike gym shorts, unmatching black golf shirt, off white Titleist cap, and tan Timberland sandals with golf shoe-like soles.

Didn’t play too bad for me. Was playing behind a couple of methodical oriental guys who advanced at a decent pace, so I rarely had to wait. Behind me was a single who was content to hit several shots on each hole. Hit some good shots, and some bad. Depending on the quality of my first shot, I sometimes hit a second. I tried not to wear myself out early, knowing I could play 18 holes (and I’m far from being in golf shape). On the third hole I played two balls, and parred the hole with both. My putting was decent, especially when I took my time and concentrated. I tried to use all the clubs in my bag, the driver just once since most all the holes were short. Over 14 holes I only hit two balls in the water, and lost a couple in the darkness. Night golf works better for golfers who can hit the green every time (and as the old joke goes, the blind). After 14 holes the course was backed up. The last four holes would’ve taken a long time to complete. It was 8:45, so I headed back to my car. As I was walking off the course my FitBit hit 10000 steps.

Why play golf when so much needs to be done? Several reasons. I need the exercise, and a break from the grind. But in two weeks I’m played in my customer’s vendor day tournament, and I need the practice. Bad.   

C drove to Athens to drop off some things Anna needed, They had lunch. Anna may come home tonight to attend Joel Norman’s concert at Eddie’s Attic in Decatur, then head back to Athens Saturday morning.

Ford Fry and I are on the same email distribution. His son is a buddy and classmate of Matthew, so both Ford and I just got a blanket email from their teacher.

Our Barney must be getting old. Whenever he changes his laying down position, he lets out a little groan. Doesn’t sound like he’s making the sound on purpose.

Today’s Inciarte story: after starting the season hurt and in a slump, he has raised his average above .290. Saturday night before the game, nine young boys took the field, equipped with a baseball and pen. Then the Braves starters took the field, to greet the boys and sign their autograph. The boy in centerfield was tiny, and didn’t seem to even notice when Ender jokingly raced past him. Then Inciarte stopped, turned around, and trotted back to give the kid a hug.

Rob: I hope they keep Inciarte and leave him in CF and batting leadoff.  I am concerned they will be enticed by Mallex Smith's speed and SB potential and move Inciarte to RF.  Inciarte is a superior CF to Mallex. I believe Coppy was telling the truth when he said they would go after 2 SP's and a catcher.  It sounds like maybe 3B - with Adonis and Rio - is not the priority we thought earlier in the season.


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