Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Fifteen Years Later

For September 11th at NP an officer sang a patriotic song. Behind them two spotlight shined straight up, like NYC did from the footprint of the World Trade Towers. Before that some audio of firefighters on 9/11. I'll always remember the Sunday after 9/11/2001 how cars were backed up over 1-1/2 miles from the GA 400 off ramp to the North Point campus.

Someone posted a picture of the Redcoat Band playing the national anthem before the UGA/Nicholls game, saying players had protested/sat/kneeled (or something). But the anthem was played while the players were still in the locker room. Maybe the captains were out for the coin toss.

Saturday at Turner Field I was on the concourse when the anthem was played. I stepped back to the railing, took off my Braves cap, and stood at attention. Around us several others did the same, but just as many went on about their business. Some college kids walked by. The guys might've been oblivious, but the girls walking behind them looked like they knew what was going on. Others acted as if they didn't care.
Saturday I saw a car loaded with bumper stickers on the back, including: (1) COEXIST, (2) TOLERANCE, and (3) DUMP TRUMP. In the world today so many want "mercy for me, but judgment for you." In his current sermon series "Who Needs God," this Sunday, Andy addressed how a person's response to injustice effects their relationship with God. For believers (and non-believers) injustice calls into question the not the existence of God, but the justice of God - yet many irrationally use bad things happening to others as an excuse to deny or run from God themselves.

During the service a former Alabama cheerleader was baptized. She had been in the wreck coming back from the college football championship that killed her longtime best friend, also a cheerleader.

Amy Green and family, mourning the loss of their daughter in a car accident last week, received a $5000 gift from singer Taylor Swift.

Friday night M cooked pizza. Cleaned upstairs Saturday morning, then did dishes downstairs during ESPN College GameDay. Watched some of UGA/Nicholls and Clemson/Troy. No surprise to me that UGA and Clemson struggled. Both teams are far from juggernauts.

Left at 2 pm for Turner Field. At 2:30 southbound traffic on the connector was gridlocked due more to a stalled car in the middle lane than the few late-arriving Tech fans headed to the 3 pm game. Quite different than Athens, where roads clog early in the morning for late afternoon and night games. Was in line with John Parkes at 2:45. Gates opened at 4:40 for the 7:10 game. Arriving early is fun, though I rarely stay to the end of games when I do.

Collected four bobbleheads, and sold all four before the end of the evening. The Rally Foundation was parading around the field, so I joined them to get my picture taken in front of the countdown number (14), later torn down by longtime Braves scout Paul Synder. Walked around the stadium. Good game: Bartolo Colon running the bases, home runs by Markakis and Kemp, Dansby scoring the game-winning run on a walk off after reaching third on AJ Pierzinski's hit, and AJ abruptly retiring after coming out of the game for a pinch runner.

Between innings an older gentleman had been selected to attempt the stolen base challenge, so centerfielder Ender Inciarte helped out by walking the base closer to the greyhair making the timed run from right field to center. Looked like the guy was going to beat the clock - until he fell face first into the grass. 

Hit 10000 steps on my FitBit while walking out of the stadium at 9 pm, over 6 hours after I had arrived. Listened to the game on the drive home, then watched the second half of Tennessee/Virginia Tech.

Sunday after North Point we ate lunch at Bocado Burger in the Alpharetta Avalon. Ceil's suggestion. Great burger and fries. The place was nice and clean, and the service quick. Did a little laundry but not much else.

Sales meeting lunch on Monday, catered with Ippilitos Italian food. My idea as a changeup to BBQ and Mexican.

The Braves have a better winning percentage over the past five seasons than the Falcons. The Braves have a better winning percentage over the past two seasons than the Falcons. Going into this season the Braves have had 3 winning seasons in the past 5 years. The Falcons have only 2 winning seasons in the past five.

Currently the teams leading the six MLB divisions all wear blue and red uniforms.
Bumper sticker theology: while looking for a TOLERANCE photo to steal I found a few other pics to post. Also an interesting article on the subject.


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